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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Get Your Pocket Money with Hypr

This draft has been so long inside my blog and I actually forgot to publish this. haha sorry guys. I was still using Malay here. Please forgive me.

Assalamualaikum. Hai hai hai semua. Seperti yang kita semua maklum, dengan perubahan zaman sekarang duit sangatlah penting. Nak nak lagi dengan masalah ekonomi yang semakin meleset saban hari kan. Bukan lah nak kata yang duit paling penting tp setiap hari yang kita lalui pasti akan memerlukan penggunaan duit. Nak makan kene keluarkan duit, nak belajar, nak berjalan sana sini, nak isi minyak, apatah lagi nak shopping rata2 semua perkara memerlukan duit. betul tak?

Zaman moden dengan teknologi yang serba canggih ni macam2 cara yang kita boleh buat untuk buat duit. Nak nak lagi online. Ingat orang yang berniaga online je ke yrg boleh buat duit online. Kita yg x buat bisnes online dan sebagai pengguna setia media social pun boleh okay. Tipu lah kalau kata masing2 xde media social mcm FB dgn Twitter. At least mesti ada satu. Dah boleh duduk termenung depan laptop/handphone smbil baca entry ni, meh nak kongsi good news untuk semua. 

Jadi nak diterangkan kat sini lagi. Semua orang mesti nak duit poket kan. Tak kira la students mahupun orang yang dah bekerja inikan pulak yang memang tak bekerja. Even orang yg dah bekerja pun rasa gaji tk cukup kan, inikan pulak students. As for me, sebagai students memang duit poket tu sangatlah penting sepanjang waktu belajar. Bila dah habis belajar lg banyak nak guna duit. 

Okay sebelum ni Ray pernah kongsi pasal BTCClick kan. Untuk baca post tu klik SINI. Sebagai blogger, walaupun bukan sepenuh masa dan pernah stop sebenarnya but skrg kembali semula ber'blogging', kitorg bukan menulis saja2 ye. Sebenarnya setiap blogger ada peranan dan job tertentu. Dan kali ni ade platform baru untuk semua.

Skrg memang banyak cara untuk kita buat duit duit secara online & hari ni Ray nak share pasal HYPR.MY ni pulak. 

Ape tu HYPR.MY ? HYPR ni adalah salah satu platform social influencer yang merevolusikan cara perkongsian artikel dan pengiklanan media sosial di Malaysia. HYPR ni juga merupaka salah satu platform pemasaran di media sosial yg menggunakan khidmat kita sebagai influencer untuk mempromosikan serta mengiklankan perlbagai jenama termasuklah jenama2 yg besar di media sosial. Jadi, sebgai pihak yg tolong untuk promosikan jenama2 diorg tu kita akan dapat ganjaran berdasarkan apa yg kita buat tu.

Bukan sahaja kita boleh tulis & post di blog malas sudah cukup dgn sekadar kongsikan link dan sebarkan ke laman sosial u guys. Kat sini pun dah boleh bntu untk jana income. Ada yang pernah dapat beriban tau. Jangan pandang rendah tau. In shaa Allah setiap usaha yg kita lakukan tu pasti akan dibalas dengan ganjaran yg setimpal. 

Okay sini cara-cara nak daftar HYPR

* Daftar sebagai ahli kat SINI
* Kemudian share mana2 "PROMOTION" yg ada dlm website HYPR tu kat Facebook or Twitter.
* And u guys boleh dah start kumpul income dan cash out sooner or later. 

Tak salah kan untuk kita mencuba. Usaha tu penting. Zaman sekarang ni semua peluang kita kena rebut demi untuk berjaya. Semoga dimurahkan rezeki semua. In shaa Allah.  


There is no harm in trying.

Bukan senang nak senang dan bukan susah nak susah.
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Monday, 27 November 2017

Segment : Increase Your Followers by Shahirah


As I always said, when it's simple I'll definitely be the one to join. hehe All the best to everyone who joined. Let's be friends. Mmuuah

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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Download BRIM 2018 (PDF)


I just want to attach the form of 2018's BRIM HERE

If you want to know the manuals to fill in the form, you can click HERE.

credit to Lokman


Eat Healthy at Chimi Churri. Sandwiches. Wraps. Salads. Jaya One.


Lately, I've been joining so many giveaways from my fellow lovely bloggers and they're joining mine too. There's still time to join my comeback giveaway. Thank you for joining and best of luck to everybody. I wish I would be lucky in one of the giveaways too. Pretty please. I don't really know how to paint this all out here but I am not so good with words especially when reviewing something. Let's just say I don't have that skill yet but I'll try. 

Last few weeks I went to meet my long lost best friend and was lucky enough to meet one of her friends too. I was rather luckier cause they took me to the one places that I've never been and was actually could be my favorite place forever if it was near me. Too bad it was kinda far away from my place but note I'll be back again. 

The place I was so excited about to tell you guys is called Chimi Churri. If it is put together it could be chimichurri and it is some type of an uncooked sauce. But this Chimi Churri I am talking about is actually the name of a restaurant which is located at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya. To be honest it was my very first time going to Jaya One and of course Chimi Churri as well. Had so many first time with my baby girl.

I was in a rush to catch my bus and was only able to snap this. 
The foods were actually so fresh and the price was amazingly affordable with guaranteed mouth-watering taste. What's more to it was their made from scratch sauces plus no chemicals and preservatives ingredients were used. It's hard not to say this but this is so healthy and I loved it so much even if it was my first time. My friends know how I really care about what I eat and this is definitely a yes for me. Even my dear new friend told me she couldn't stop coming here every single week. If only she lived there, she could go there every single day without eating other foods.

Tempting enough?

Can you guess which one was mine?

You can either choose to make sandwiches, a wrap or pick a bowl like us and stuff everything inside according to your choices at the counter. Don't worry you'll know what to choose once you're there. Why did I say it was healthy? You couldn't see what beneath the sauces right but there was actually tonnes of salads and greens underneath. Yes, I choose them myself. I freaking love it. It was worth it. Worth every penny and every moment spent there. I won't be able to stop saying "I love it" because I love salads so much. I would definitely order and picked salad wherever I go. Most of the time. 

What I love most was the environment. Let me tell you. I am the kind who hates crowd and love to be somewhere quiet without so many people around and so on. I can sit there for hours eating and chat with my friends without any problems. But it was unfortunate that I had to leave early that day and wasn't able to spend more time with 'em. Yet, I was grateful and had so much fun back then. I do wish to come back again some other day.

This was mine. Looks great right and so are the taste.
The way to order them was quite similar to Subways if you guys are wondering. I didn't really remember what I've picked that day but one of it was couscous. You can also see there's pasta and also a slice of chicken breast there. It's not oily because it's not fried. Plus there's also brown rice and you know how good brown rice right? I managed to finish all of it. Not all of the bowls but just mine. I think I could finish theirs as well. Kidding. But it was so good. I assure you.

You guys should also try it. Whether you'll like it or not it depends. You'll have to see and taste everything for yourself. If you guys want to see the menu, you guys can check it out here. You can also visit their Instagram here for more photos of the menus. 

I do hope you guys have a good read here. Have a good day.



Saturday, 25 November 2017

Duck Giveaway by Blog Nadiaizzaty.nia

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Friday, 24 November 2017

Sis Gee First Giveaway

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I need another trip


It has been so hectic these few months and I know it has only been a few month as well since my last trip to Indonesia. Currently having my sweet time resting and just a little date with my books, paperwork, and stuff.

If you guys are having a bad day be sure to remember that there are others out there who have a lot more worst situation than us. Be grateful okay. Keep in mind that better days are coming.

In shaa Allah.


Wednesday, 22 November 2017

What happens when you sign up with SushiVid under your friends link?


What happens when you sign up with SushiVid under your friends link?

The answer is simple, you'll get paid too. But if you join on your own without any referral link you'll end up having zero USD balance inside your SushiVid account. Who on earth does not what to get paid? At least when you sign up and found there's already a balance inside your wallet and I'm sure you'll feel fired up to earn more. You'll also end up earning more than you can ever imagine.

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Here's more

If you want to know a little bit more about SushiVid then you can click HERE.

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Ohsem Giveaway by Mrs Pip (22/11/17 - 6/12/17)

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Let us join another giveaway this time. Mrs. Pip is finally doing a giveaway for everybody. It's gonna be fun. So don't forget to click the banner okay. Mmuuah

I want to win and get lucky for Ohsem Giveaway by Mrs. Pip because I am excited to know what kind of gift will I get? It kinda makes me curious and it's a mystery too. 


Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Give Away Hadiah Misteri dari ASTraveler!



I didn't get lucky in their previous Giveaway segment so I am gonna try to get lucky again. Please let it be me this time. Since I love travelling too so I kinda like to visit their blogs. So guys, let us join and try once again for those who have tried and did not get lucky in the previous segment.

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Giveaway Photo Polaroid Azhafizah.Com

Sempena buka kedai Print Photo Polaroid, Fiza nak buat satu "Giveaway Photo Polaroid" untuk semua blogger. Syarat-syarat mudah sangat. Tak perlu nak tekan follow atau like dan sebagainya. Hanya perlu buat satu entri copy paste dan letakkan link entri dalam kotak komen. Senang kan? jomlah beramai-ramai meriahkan Giveaway yang mudah lagi simple ni.


Birthday Giveaway November

Okey, Syarat? senang sahaja. Birthday Giveaway ni adalah kerjasama dengan empunya Blog 3nurulscollection. Atau FB nya >>> 3NC

Jadi dialu-alukan anda semua untuk menyertai Giveaway ni.

Berikut adalah langkah2 penyertaan Anda:

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1) Join sini sebab kak Farhanna Jafri tag. hehe. Kite support sesama kite. Weeee

6) Tinggalkan URL entry blog anda mengenai Birthday Giveaway Ini di ruangan comment.
   Senang je kan? apa tunggu lagi? jomlah join Birthday Giveaway ni. 
   Bukannya selalu buat pun.
   Hadiah menarik menanti 3 pemenang bertuah!Hadiah adalah seperti berikut:

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BERMINAT? JOM JOIN!!!  Tarikh tutup penyertaan adalah pada >> 31 December 2017


Monday, 20 November 2017



Ok first I really like the banner. Well, you know because it's purple. (I freaking love purple!)

Next, I've actually never ordered anything from them but I do love to visit their site. I love pretty things and everything inside the site seems pretty vintage to me. I've been strolling around inside their website to look and enjoy their creative ideas that was shown there. Oh well, I didn't get to print my own yet. I hope I'll get lucky this time.

Do join us here by clicking this pretty banner.


Giveaway Dhia Sumayyah (20/11/2017 - 14/12/2017)

Hi guys.

Do come and support my dear blogger here. I love Kak Ena's blog because for me it looks simple and neat. I also do love the watercolor painting theme used in her blog. I will only state the obvious because that was one of the main reason I always drop by her blog. It's so pretty. I love it.

Come and join us because awesome gifts awaits those who joins.

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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Prof Hariz Internet Marketing by PolicyStreet

Prof Hariz Internet Marketing Malaysia

Ridhauddin Hariz  ialah salah satu Internet Marketing Malaysia yang dikenali sebagai Prof Hariz dikalangan rakan-rakannya. Beliau  berasal dari Permatang Pauh Pulau Pinang. Beliau meruapakan anak sulung daripada tiga adik beradik. Beliau adalah anak sulung yang sangat tabah kerana telah kehilangan ayah tercinta ketika umur beliau 3 bulan. 

Prof Hariz merupakan pemegang Diploma Sistem Komputer dari Kolej ADTEC Melaka dan semenjak itulah beliau menceburkan diri dalam bidang komputer dan Internet. Prof Hariz seterusnya melangkah ke alam pekerjaan di dalam bidang online marketing dan pemasaran secara atas talian. Bermula daripada tahun 2014, Prof Hariz menubuhkan syarikat sendiri iaitu PH ProjectBase Resources dan dari situ beliau berkecimpung dengan kaedah pemasaran secara atas talian menggunakan media sosial, strategi pemasaran menggunakan email, Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization atau SEO, rekabentuk laman web dan juga pemasaran melalui konsep funnel marketing. Sejak dari itu, beliau telah membantu ramai peniaga serta syarikat-syarikat dalam menambahbaik strategi pemasaran diatas talian.

Pengalaman beliau yang mendalam dalam SEO membuatkan Prof Hariz dilamar oleh syarikat Exabytes Group Sendirian Berhad pada dua tahun lalu dan dipertanggungjawab untuk  menjana idea-idea baru serta menerokai strategi-strategi pemasaran yang inovatif menggunakan teknologi internet yang terkini, seperti penghasilan laman web, blog, komuniti media sosial dan juga kaedah-kaedah komunikasi yang lain. 

Selepas berhempas pulas bersama Exabytes, tahun ini pada tahun 2017 beliau sekali lagi dimurahkan rezeki beliau untuk menjawat jawatan yang lebih tinggi di syarikat As White Global Sdn Bhd sebagai Penasihat SEO. Prof Hariz kali ini memegang jawatan dan tanggngjawab yang besar hinggalah melibatkan diri dengan klien-klien dari Australia, US , UK , Singapore dan Germany. Sebagai Penasihat SEO yang terkemuka di Malaysia, beliau dipertanggungjawab untuk menyediakan perkhidmatan SEO kepada klien-klien tidak kira di Malaysia mahupun di luar negara.

Prof Hariz, Online Marketing Specialist atau pakar dalam SEO dan pemasaran atas talian adalah gelaran yang diberikan oleh rakan-rakan serta kenalan kerana pencapaian beliau telah mencapai ke tahap yang sangat membanggakan.  Kini beliau dikenali sebagai Prof Hariz ataupun Tuan Hariz.

Untuk yang tidak mengenali lagi siapa Prof Hariz, berikut adalah pencapaian beliau sepanjang beliau berada di dalam bidang Internet Marketing.

Pencapaian Prof Hariz
  • Menganjurkan program diet bersama Utusan Malaysia pada bulan Ogos 2014 dengan program “Prof Hariz Kongsi Tips Kurus” yang melibatkan seramai 500 peserta di seluruh Malaysia secara online
  • Mendapat pengiktirafan sebagai Top 3 Affiliate Malaysia oleh Infokerjaya pada bulan Disember 2014 kerana beliau telah berjaya menjana jualan sehingga RM100,000 dalam masa 5 bulan melalui penjualan ebook kerjaya, serta membantu calon-calon menduduki peperiksaan online dan temuduga SPA
  • Menganjurkan seminar Buat Duit Affiliate dengan Blog di Karangkraf pada Disember 2014 di mana beliau berkongsi pengalaman beliau menjejaki dunia perniagaan secara affiliate di mana beliau dapat menjana puluhan ribu ringgit dalam tempoh masa yang singkat
  • Menganjukan pelbagai bengkel-bengkel dan seminar-seminar, antaranya:
          -  Bengkel / Seminar bertajuk: Buat Duit Dengan Blog di Politeknik Seberang Perai, pada                        Mac 2015
          -   Bengkel Affiliate Ninja pada April 2015
          -   Bengkel Email Marketing pada Jun 2015
          -   Private group coaching bersama Shaklee Malaysia pada Disember 2015, untuk membuat                       strategi penjualan sebanyak RM10 juta pada tahun 2016

  • Bekerjasama dengan Irfan Khairi pada Februari 2016 dalam seminar khusus bagi peniaga-peniaga dalam membuat penjualan dengan blog
  • Menganjurkan Private Coaching Group 365 - Bagaimana Jana Pendapatan 4 Angka Dengan Blog pada Ogos 2016 bersama 40 orang suri rumah, hasil daripada itu program ini berjaya membantu 10 orang suri rumah untuk menjana pendapatan sekitar RM10,000 sebulan secara konsisten
  • Ditemuramah oleh Astro Awani pada Disember 2016 dengan memberikan pandangan beliau berkenaan dengan Potensi Digital Ekonomi untuk negara Malaysia pada masa yang sama Jack Ma (pengasas dan tuan punya syarikat gergasi Alibaba Group of Companies) telah dilantik sebagai Penasihat Ekonomi Digital Kerajaan Malaysia.
Servis Yang Ditawarkan Oleh Prof Hariz Sebagai Internet Markting Malaysia

Prof Hariz  menawarkan servis SEO yang mana membantu para usahawan dalam dunia perniagaan terutama membuat servis SEO untuk perniagaan secara atas talian. Bukan itu sahaja, Prof Hariz menawarkan servis review di blog beliau kepada usahawan yang ingin memperkenalkan produk mereka kepada orang ramai. Artikel review itu adalah artikel yang mempunyai unsur-unsur SEO yang mana dapat meningkatkan jualan anda kepada double dan triplle daripada biasa.
  • Marketing di Google
  • Personal coaching Zero Marketing to Hero
  • Funnel Marketing
  • Review
Bagi siapa yang baru sahaja memulakan perniagaan atau sudah lama berkecimpung di dalam dunia perniagaan tetapi tidak tahu untuk membuat marketing, anda oleh menghubungi Prof Hariz sebaga penasihat anda melalui info dibawah.

Info Mengenai Prof Hariz
Whatsapp : 6012-5336713

Prof Hariz Internet Marketing Malaysia by PolicyStreet

Kini beliau berkerja di salah sebuah syarikat Insurans , PolicyStreet . Prof Hariz dilantik dan dipertanggungjawabkan untuk menjadi Pengurus Internet Marketing disyarikat itu. 


PolicyStreet adalah insurans yang mudah, senang dan mampu bayar. PolicyStreet lebih menumpukan kepada mereka yang memerlukan insurans seperti syarikat , universiti, usahawan , kelab kesihatan, dan macam-macam lagi kumpulan.

PolicyStreet merupakan syarikat insurans yang menawarkan pelbagai jenis insurans mengikut keperluan seperti berikut :
  • Insurans Perubatan
  • Diabetes
  • Kanser
  • Kehidupan yang mampu
  • Tulang belakang
  • Bantuan jalan raya jangka pendek
  • Peralatan musik
  • Perbehentian kerja
Apa yang lebih membanggakan adalah, PolicyStreet menawarkan servis insurans untuk produk-produk yang lebih kecil antaranya ialah :
  • Keracunan makanan
  • Kerosakan rambut
  • Sewaan
  • Berbasikal
  • Keracunan alkohol
  • Menonton
  • Mendaki
  • Penyewa
  • Perlawanan bolasepak
  • Cinta
  • Peralatan musik
  • Perkahwinan
  • Majlis pengebumian
Sesiapa yang inginkan insurans, boleh hubungi PolicyStreet , syarikat insurans yang mengambil berat tentang keperluan anda. Bersama-samalah mencipta masa depan bersama PolicyStreet.

Info Mengenai PolicyStreet

Latest info: BRIM 2018

Hi again guys, just want to inform you guys that you can start to apply for BRIM 2018 that is for next year starting from 27th of November 2017 until 31st December 2017.

For more info, you guys can refer HERE & HERE

To download the form in PDF you can click HERE.


Friday, 17 November 2017

Earn your USD with SushiVid

Hi guys, have you ever heard of SushivVid. Honestly it's not the first time for me as I've read through various of post and reviews regarding this SushiVid. Few years back, and I thought it has already burn down or lost somewhere but ends up SushiVid is still widely used that there's a lot more people started to join SushiVid. Felt kinda left behind and wonder why didn't I join this earlier as I would've been able to make a lot out of it by now. *sigh

It's a medium where bloggers, youtubers and intagrammers can join to make some extra money. The best part of it was you can earn your income in USD. You heard me, it's USD. You know how much USD values these days. You guys can just click the banner to go the SushiVid site.  

So for those who wanted to sign up for this you'll at least needed to have:
1. 250 subscribers for Youtube
2. 2000 followers in Instagram
3. 2000 visits every month for Bloggers

Don't let this chance get away and take it for granted. Who knows it'll be a good start for you. It's not wrong to share good things with people right. At least it'll help even just a little. 

It's easy to sign up with SushiVid. It won't take much time. Don't worry. Even if you don't have the qualification or the least amount of followers/subscribers for your account, you can still join and get paid for joining this. 

Click HERE to see my post on a simple step to sign up with SushiVid

Note if you click my banner and sign up, you'll automatically earn RM10.00. 

Click the banner 


How to sign up with SushiVid

Hi everyone, I'll be sharing on how to sign up/sign in with SushiVid. I'll make it rough and quick. I hate complicated things. And hope this helps even just a little.

First, you'll be shown this and all you have to do is to choose I'm an Influencer.

Next, you can just choose one of these three options. For example if you choose to sign up with Blogger the pop-up will be shown on your screen and you just have to continue with it by filling up the form.

You'll the be directed to the dashboard once everything is finish. Just follow all the instructions given. I'm not showing my dashboard here. *shy

To start earning you can go to New Campaign and start proposing to post for any brand you wanted.

Once it's done you'll just have to wait for the next instruction. Everything will be informed through your email.

And that is all. Kbye

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Pencarian Bloglist Baru By Thisni3za

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Bloglist November 2017

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Segmen: Bloglist Istimewa Cikgu Ayuinsyirah

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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Giveaway by Yanieninie

Giveaway will be held from 14 Nov - 14 Dec 2017
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