Curiosity killed the cat. 

This just pops up out of nowhere. Why? You know when you want to try something and it ends up way beyond what you imagined. This happens to me a lot. You guys know how long I've been absent from the world of blogging and everything seems so new to me. I am now back to square one. This girl wanna try everything. 

Here's the thing, I recently tried to use Disqus by connecting my current Disqus account. Gosh, it was kinda complicated to me. I did not lose all my comments but it just won't appear on my site. People have been commenting using the Google+ which I can't really recall what I did with the comment section. And now it's all gone.  

After 24 hours, I told myself maybe I should just convert back to how it used to be. The comment things.   
And done. Now it's back to normal except all those old comments might not appear anymore. But don't worry it is still accessible that I still keep the comments. But you guys won't be able to see all those comments back then. I am so not gonna do anything anymore. Better keep things as they are or else I'll get in trouble. Yes, I decided to use Blogger Comment. That's all.

Which one would you guys prefer between Blogger comment, Disqus & Google ?