This was actually the last month's post but as I said it has long been in my draft and I just decided to upload it today. I mean to publish. I've always been a chocolate lover and decided to try this new cafe called Salon Du Chocolat. I couldn't help but take my two feet inside the tempting smell of chocolate filled cafe. I'll just call it cafe since it'll be easier for me. It's here in East Coast Mall, Kuantan if you're wondering. Since there's no Dip n Dip here in Kuantan so Salon Du Chocolat is the best choice I have. 

Decided to order Donut Waffle and a tea since it'll be so sweet.

Aren't these gorgeous?

I couldn't help but feel so happy just by looking at this.
It was quite similar to Dip n Dip but Salon Du Chocolate has quite a variety of choices as well but so far both are satisfying. The prices were also quite similar. Both are a bit pricey but hey it was worth it since the taste was far beyond good if you know what I mean (I just love chocolate). I'm in an undefined relationship with chocolate, so yeah.

I am not gonna say much but if you love chocolate as much as I do then you should really try. If not then that's fine. Since I was alone so there's not much that I could order and it'll be a waste if I didn't finish it. I'll be sure to bring someone else next time.