Hi guys.


Please don't get mistaken. I am no youtube-r or someone who does V-logging. I only do Blogging. Too lazy to edit or record any videos except for the insta stories. You know what I meant right. But I love writing. So, I'll focus more on Blogging. It's the B and V word that matters here. I do have a channel back then with a few subscribers, videos and of course views. But turns out I don't really feel like having a youtube channel and now I think like I do. Don't worry this is just for fun. I think I'll try and post short videos or anything simple, to begin with. Feel free to watch and subscribe another newbie here. If you have a channel I'll subscribe back. Let me know what you think.

Tried uploading my first video yesterday.
Cautions: Volumes down please.

That's not me of course. You'll see the old me when you play the video. I'm gonna look so weird in here but screw it I don't care. LOL. Hope you'll still enjoy the video. Bye

I've added another button there.