Don't get too shocked but it was actually a small explosion in our hotel room. It was unexpected and definitely disappointing when this happens in your hotel room. There were a spark and a loud pop sound when this happens that everything just goes off. It was fortunate that it was the last day of our stay at the hotel and this happens during the day. So, nope it's not dark except for the toilet (I had to bring my phone inside and use the torch of course).

We were getting ready to check out while watching Ejen Ali playing on the television and I decided to dry my hair using the hairdryer. I know this was a bad idea but it was good for the first 2 days and no problems occur. Maybe my luck had just gone off and boom goes the small explosion. Not sure if an explosion is a right word to use but yes it was really loud that we left stunned on our two feet back then.

I am so sure there was something wrong with the way they handle and place the hairdryer and all since the first day we got in. Oh well, I'll just let it slip for the first time and see what happens in the end. Seems like I was right all along. My guts won't betray me for sure. All in all, I am just glad that it was only the plug that damage and we're definitely all right. Safety first.

There’s more to come with this topic. I will be writing about the hotel review soon. For now, I’ll be focusing on certain things outside. It has been quite busy for me lately. For all  the emails and messages, I will reply asap. Till then, take care and be safe.