I know it's a bit late but last few weeks I did try and have my first bite on the new KFC Chizza. It's chicken and pizza guys. Heard a lot of different comments from others when they first try the Chizza and I became curious myself about how exactly does it taste. Not expecting anything as long as it tasted good I'm fine with it.  

Looks cute. 

It's even cuter from the inside.
Here's what I thought. It tastes okay. Not bad but this is not the best they could've made. Some told me that it's spicy, not really tbh. I kinda love it since there's a sweet and sour taste with the help of cheese-pineapple and a little bit of sauce. You can tell they tried to make as Chizza as possible with that little ingredient. It's good enough. Don't expect much. And I enjoyed it.

And there goes my littlest short review on the Chizza. Don't worry you won't have to read long post in my blog. Maybe except for a certain ocassion. ^^