Hi guys. 


I am deeply sorry for not being able to response earlier to all of you. Alhamdulillah thank you for all your warm recovery wishes. I am feeling much better now. Tried my best to reply to all of your messages and comments.  Didn't get to celebrate the new year or whatsoever oh well I don't usually do. Everytime I would just stay input and do the usual thing. But still I hope 2018 will be a much better year to all of us. Ameen. 

As to make it up to everyone, I'd love to make a visit to everyone's blog and join as much giveaways as I usually did before. But the thing is, I can't really recall of which giveaway I was supposed to join. Did get a lot of invitation but I lost trace of it. So to whoever which stumbled across this post, would you be kind to help me get a link of it. Thnk youuuu. Love you.