Hey guys.


I just had the feeling that I need to share this. It's something about online shopping. I know many people out there are too scared to shop online and sometimes rather went out the shopping mall just to buy something. And it's not a surprise that the cost is much higher than the one online but people are just too afraid to believe it thinking that it might be fake and not even worth to buy. Yes, no doubt things like this happen when it came to you the things you ordered was far beyond what you imagine. 

So here are some tips.

1. Always go to a trusted website.
2. Search thoroughly for the things you wish to buy. 
3. Make sure to read all the recent reviews of the product.
4. Stick with trusted brands that have good reputation
5. Use secure payments services
6. Look out for https URL and the padlock symbol
7. Be careful of the offers that are too good to be true. 
8. It's better to use your mobile phone network than a public wifi

Trusted Online Shopping Website

So, I'm done with the tips. Now let's do some fun stuff by looking out for good stuff to buy online. One of my favorite website to shop online is LAZADA.COM. I agreed that everything can be shopped online but there are just some things that you have to buy it online. Let me tell you one of the things that I bought from LAZADA. I am a big fan of gadgets and accessories although I didn't show much. Recently I bought a camera strap from Lazada and guess what I came just as described on the website. It's affordable and I am so happy that the quality was great as well. You can just click the picture to get to the website I mentioned. 

Portable Camera Shoulder Neck Strap Vintage Adjustable Belt for Sony Nikon Canon Pentax SLR Camera Black 

Wait, there's more than just this one style. Let me show you a few more which might catch your interest if you're a gadget or accessories lover. You might wanna try and find a fancier strap for your camera so here are a few.  

Camera Strap Vintage Universal Shoulder Neck Belt Strap for All Camera DSLR Camera Black

Vintage Camera Shoulder Neck Nylon Strap Sling Belt for Nikon Canon Sony Panasonic SLR DSLR ILDC

Vintage Camera Cotton Shoulder Strap Neck Strap Belt
For all travelers out there, here are some accessories that you might want to consider buying everytime you go travels anywhere.

Korea Fashion Travel Hanging Cosmetics Toiletries Extra Large Pouch (Blue Flora)
Travel Makeup Pouch Organizer Storage Bag Cosmetic Toiletry
Believe me, it'll help a lot to get these things with you when you travel. I personally had my own pouch already. A pouch is a must for me when I travel because it helps to keep my things organized inside my bags and luggage. 

I hope this helps even if this is nothing much of a good review of info.