Hi guys.


First of all, I wanted to apologize for being absent for a few days. There was a little bit of problem with the line here and it stops me from blog walking or updates anything on my blog. I miss writing and updating here on my blog. But I do read your blogs from time to time with my smartphone but I didn't get to leave any comments for some reason. Sorry. I decided to write this to share the disappointment I had today. Well, it's already yesterday. Okay, ignore that.

Some people may know how much I love Kenny Rogers especially their salad. Yes, I love it so much. One of my favorites was Kenny's. I went to one of the Kenny Rogers here in Kuantan. To be specific the Kenny Rogers at the Megamall. I've had few experience similar to this when the waiter just ignored me even when they saw me walk into the restaurant. I take my seat and waited for a few minutes. There was no one there. Not even a single customer inside and I was the only one there. 

I did notice two men outside with their orders but hello I am here people. Seating inside waiting for my order to be taken. But surprisingly they didn't even take a glance at me and of course no menu at all. What am I doing here? Am I here just to watch you guys work? Hello? Anybody? Hell, nooo am I gonna call them. Where is that special service of yours go? The part when you greet customers in front and follow them with a menu on your damn hand. It's understandable if there were too many customers but no there was no one in. I guess that's why there are fewer people there. Tbh this isn't the first time but all the chances are no longer available and bye bye.

I walk inside, with a smile on my face hoping to eat good food and ha ha ha I was definitely ignored. Maybe I was too small that they didn't even manage to notice me walking right beside them. And guess what, two Chinese couple walk in right after me and one waiter was already following them with a menu ready. What do you think I felt at that time? I was super hungry and mad and disappointed and I decided to leave with an empty stomach. Thank you so much. Seriously thank you. You won't see me again.      

Fortune Chicken Meal - ¼ Chicken + 3 Side Dishes + 1 Kenny’s Home-made Muffin

I need to have my meal and still wanted Kenny Rogers. It's great to have more than one Kenny Rogers here. Went straight to East Coast Mall and tried their new fortune chicken meal. It was so good and that Orenji Splash is super tasty (the drink). I tried the one with Bulgogi sauce. Love it. Another set was the Kimchi sauce, maybe I'll try that one too later. The service was so much better and I won't be going to the one at Megamall anymore. 

Thank you for spending the time to read my sudden post. I don't really know what did I just write but yes I am quite mad. And sad as well. Well then, I guess that's all.