Hi guys.


I dunno where to start but many people have been giving me positive words about whether or not I upload some of the videos which I kept with me during my Korea trip. I am definitely not a vlogger but I do love taking videos. Even if it's not that proper (I don't have a camera but I do have a phone) but as everybody said, it's a part of the memories I made. 

I've been thinking a lot about where should I post my videos and I've decided to post it on my youtube channel. What is the point of having a channel if you don't post anything? If I post it on my Instagram I would surely delete it sooner or later and I have my own reasons for that. So, I hope you guys enjoy this short videos of mine and there's more to come. I'll upload it one by one after I've finished compiling the others. Andddd I hope I hope I hope everybody would be kind enough to subscribe to my little channel. *shy

Note: The videos are mainly from my instastory and I know it's quite a mess and I'm sorry for that. (Insecurities attack).