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Hi guys.


Remember the last time I told you guys about the explosion which happens from the hairdryer inside my hotel room? Read it here if you haven't.  I did promise to make a review about it. This might not be thorough but here's my little review of it. 

So, I went to KL last few months for an event which I didn't update inside my blog yet. I am known to be someone loves to try and do things out of the blue. So, I book a hotel from Traveloka as I usually did and came across this Q hotel. Since my event will be taking place at SOGO KL, so Q Hotel is one of the nearest hotel to stay in. 

FYI, I did look on the review, read it thouroughly and I was aware of the few things that I might mention later. Just wanted to see with my own two eyes about all the review and believe me, it was all true. Here's my thought plus experience in staying at Q Hotel

1. Hard to find (Not strategic)
The hotel was a bit hard to find and I can say it was kinda hidden a bit in the middle of the city. Even though it was situated in the midde of the city and was supposed to be a strategic place to stay, but sadly it's not. It does took a while for my grab to find the hotel. 

2. Broken 
So sad to say this but the window was broken. It was left open and couldn't be closed as it's stucked as it is. I have the right to complaint and make a report about it or change to a new room but I didn't do it. Decided to just go on with it since I am too tired for any kind of activity. They're really lucky since I'm not being so troublesome that I didn't give them any trouble to deal with.  

3. Explosion
This one has already been mentioned in my "There was and explosion in our room" entry. So I'm not gonna say much on this. Luckily it happens just when we were about to check out. Thank god.

4. Dusty
I get it, the hotel was kinda old despite the luxury-deal description. The floor was too dusty like it was not cleaned or vacuum at all. I'm glad the bed was okay that I was able to have a good sleep. 

There were good and bad things but all these things I mentioned kinda shuts the good memories I had during the stay. Sorry about that. Let's just brain the fact that despite all that I was still able to have a good rest. That's good enough since I only book the hotel as a plce to sleep and rest. 

Do I recommend this hotel?
Sorry to say this but I honestly don't recommend this hotel if you were gonna stay with your family for a vacation but if you're staying for a night or two plus on a low budget just to get some rest on the go then this hotel might be okay for you.

This is not everything, so can you guys suggest what else should I include in this review of mine. There's a lot more that I wish to write but the point is not coming in. 

Here are a short video and some photos of the room we stayed in. 

For me, the service was good but too bad there are a few things which slacks off and aren't as promising as it seems. It wasn't entirely bad but the highlighted ones needs to be taken care off. 


Thank you for lending me your time here. I hope this somehow will help even just a little bit.