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Hi guys.


Sorry for being absent from posting anything but that doesn't mean I stop from my blog walking routine. I did it with a few blogs a day. Don't worry, each one of you guys will be visited. Wait for it okay.

Here I'd like to share some of my daily routines (I mean exercises) with you. Some of the exercise which I did every day to keep my body in a good health and shape. I couldn't stand a day without doing any exercise or physical activities. These days I don't really have the time to go to any gym and rarely went out for a jog. I last went there during my study days. I missed those beautiful days when I get to workout and exercise with my friends. Wish I could turn back time. Ok, snap. Let's get back to business.

Here are some of the activities which I always keep my track on no matter what. these are just a few of my favorites which I did almost every day depends on my body condition. Fyi, I tried to make it as varied as possible to make it fun and that I don't get bored doing these exercises. I eat and I do exercises. That's how it goes. 

Jump rope (skipping)
My target would always be above 500x and it usually goes way higher than a thousand. Been doing this a lot but it's kinda sad that I injured my leg not long ago, this has to stop for a while.

I squat for a least until it counts up to 30. Did start with just 10 squats per day because I don't want to restrain myself from too many exercises. There's a variety of squats such as wall squats, single leg squats, barbell squats and etc. So choose yours, cuz I had my own choices.

I did the same with lunges. I don't really have a fixed number on how much I should do the lunges, enough till I am satisfied with it.

Sit up
My minimum number would be 30 for sit up. You can adjust your own and make it worth the time and effort that you're pouring.

Push up
10 to 20 is my daily counts for push up. Enough for me to maintain and keep on doing it. But when I feel like it, I'll double it up or increase the counts. Either the set or rep.

The most tiring one will be burpees and 10 is the maximum I did. It depends and sometimes it went up to 20.

I set my own goals on what I wanted to achieve. These are just some of the few exercises that helps me maintain my shape. I felt so happy when my body starts sweating. It's some kind of satisfaction which I intend to have for as long as I can. Feel free to share yours.