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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Spring and Duck Giveaway by Blog Nadiaizzati.Nia

Hi guys.


Hai people. I missed blogging. I miss sitting in front of the laptop, reading all kind of post, reading comments and vice versa. And most of all I miss writing and sharing on my blog. How I missed everything. 

My second post for the month of May would be the giveaway by one of my favorites blogger, sis Nadia. Promised her that I would join her giveaway sooner or later. So glad that she changed the date or else I wouldn't be able to join everyone. Thank you. Love you. 

She has been my favorite since the first time I laid my eyes on her blog, not to mention all her beautiful flatlays. Nope, there's nothing wrong with her blog. I love everything about it especially the way she writes and how she expresses her thoughts about something. So matured and yet so fun to read. 

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