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Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Goodbye Palermo, you'll be missed

Assalamualaikum wrb. Hi lovelies.

I'm sure some of you might've noticed the massive changes I've made to my blog since months ago when I started my new blog. I've always wanted a template which suits me best. So, hello new template. Goodbye Palermo.

Old Template

Here's the template which I used recently, something seems a bit off and I've been having quite an issue with it for quite some time. Not gonna mention that but it has been a great one anyway. The template is. Probably one of the best and actually has been my most favourite out of all templates which I've used. Our time together are not meant to be any longer, so it's time to part. As a memory, I'll put a few sc of it here.


See you in my next post.




  1. memula saya ingatkan palermo kat itali tu hahahah

  2. Hai,jemput join segmen saya!!

  3. Palermo terasa macam menu mknn je hihi

  4. Look clean tapi template lepas pin cantik. Pilih lah yg senang Kita handle Kan

    1. heee thank you mama. tu la ray syg my old template but this one is much easier and clearer utk navigate and all. dah lama nak tukar but bru dpt peluang.

  5. Your old template pun cantik juga Ray! But I love your new template more. Maybe because I love black and white :D

    1. Hahaha yeah this one is actually much better. It's just like what I've always wanted. Yeah black and white is my soul haha


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