Spring in Korea 2017

Sunday, 12 November 2017

So, hi readers. I am back again with another travel post. I did put a voting poll at the end of my blog and I'm glad for those who help me vote. Guess what "My Korea Spring Trip" poll top the chart. I do hope you guys who stumbled upon this post would gladly scroll my blog and vote on another poll if there's any.

This is gonna be long but I'll try to make it simple so that you guys can have a pleasant time here on my blog while reading about my trip during spring in Korea.     

The trip was way back in May so why not. It's still not too late to share my trip, isn't it? You guys can scroll on my instagram to see all the photos I've posted. Feel free to follow. Comment or leave a message on my instagram that you're my fellow blogger so that I can follow you guys back.  It was a five-day trip and I had a lot of fun meeting new people. Yes, I went there with a total stranger and today we're best buddies. 

I bought an AirAsia ticket during a promo. And join a package with Oppa Travel and Ninja Travel. I was planning to go alone but my parents insist on me to pick a good package. So, I choose them. Oh well, it'll be much easier since I only have to prepare the money for my main and grand purpose that is to eat and eat and eat. I've always wanted to try all the street foods there. Not to forget a little pocket money for souvenirs. I don't plan to buy any, my mind says no but my hand says yes and so I grab a few. Just a few I assure you. hehe    

Day 1

We took a morning flight as early as 7 am from Klia2 to Incheon Airport. But before that I have to prepare real early, I woke up at 3.30 am so that I have plenty of time to prepare myself. Damn sleepy bro but for this trip, I put my sleep away. Kidding. If you guys were wondering I choose to stay at Tune Hotel for the night since it's very near to Klia2. Got a good price as I book early but not too early for the Capsule Hotel, Klia2 as it was always full. We arrived at about 3 pm. It was a 6-hour flight direct to Incheon Airport. 

Soon as we arrived it was 14 degrees, quite chilly and cold. The weather was nice and I love it. We went straight to our stay, Zaza Backpackers. It feels more like home. You can go straight to their website to know more so just click the words okay. It was located in Myeongdong. The best part of it was the Myeongdong Night Market is just across the road. Imagine guys. Imagine. Just across the road.
My very first bibimbap in Myeongdong
Day 2

Breakfast was included. 

Had our breakfast in the guesthouse before our next adventure. Yes, the breakfast was included so we had a good time having breakfast with everybody in the guesthouse. From Myeongdong we went to Gapyeong in order to get to Nami Island. Spent almost the whole day on Nami Island. There's a halal restaurant there and we went there for lunch.

On the boat to Nami Island.

It's the end of spring

Since it's almost summer, it looks kinda hot but actually, it was quite windy

It's nice and warm despite the wind. Love the weather

How can you say no to this view
I get excited when there's purple

I enjoyed walking so much that I decided to enjoy the view and the moment while walking on my two feets around the island. You can rent a bike as well if you wanted to. After that, we went to Dongdaemun. Walked across the street into Dongdaemun Market and also Dongdaemun Design Plaza. The nights getting cold as we walked across the street.

It's getting cold and a hot latte is a must

After a day of walking non-stop plus going in and out the subway, we finally went back to Myeongdong. But hey, the nights still young and there's a street market nearby. We did already have our dinner but there's no saying 'NO' when you're near the Myeongdong Night Market. 
Oh yes we went to the night market every single night bcuz it's just across the road. 
But don't worry we didn't cross the road every single night, we used the subway underground to cross the other side of the road. 
Day 1 was good except for the time when I missed the train and was left all alone in the subway but I survived. Thank god.

Day 3

So here comes day 3. One whole day in Everland. You hear me? It's Everland guys, the place where I threw myself swinging high up in the sky that I feel I could die. Kidding. The ride was no joke that I end up feeling confused whether to slap or high five my own face for not being sane and choose those scary rides. Say no more.

Tbh I just pointed out my fingers on certain rides and there we go joining the line, waited for at least an hour or more before we could go flying on those rides.

I randomly picked a ride and everybody just agreed. Yes, there we go. 
My ticket is so cute!

I just can't get enough with the view guys. 
This was my last ride before I get back to being myself. I'm okay now. 

As I lost myself during those past hours enjoying myself to the max, I actually forget about everything. Don't worry I still remember my name. And on our way back we went to a stop at SM Town. I am no longer a die-hard fan of Kpop so I was able to keep my sanity and cooly walked pass everything there. Hoyeahh

SM Town

 I didn't really take a lot of photos on our third day. But we also went to Itaewon for dinner. It was quite late so we went there just for a lil while. We weren't actually quite satisfied with our dinner and so back to Myeongdong Night Market.

'Eomuk Tang' also known as fishcake.

Banana Crepe with Nutella. I couldn't resist taking the first bite before I snap this. 

'Hweori Gamja' is their tornado potato.

The famous banana milk. My favorite honeydew flavor.

End up sleeping with happy tummy every single night. Couldn't be happier than this. 

Day 4

It's already the fourth day. Feels like it was just yesterday when we arrived. We went to Namsangol Hanok Village. Felt quite lucky cuz there was an event going on when we arrived. We got to see their cultural activity. It was quite lively that day, we had fun.
Traditional Korean Buildings

I can sit here for hours looking at the view

The entrance

Their traditional Hanbok was so pretty. 

The view from inside the cable car heading to Namsan Tour

Well, we just had to try it. 

Our place was actually quite near to Namsan Tower that we can just walk up from the guesthouse. We actually got to try and wear their Hanbok for an estimated time. We weren't quite lucky as we were not able to try the Hanbok at Namsangol Hanok Village.

Felt extra hungry after a long walk we decided to try one of the restaurants nearby. Just a few steps from our guesthouse was Restoran Kampungku. How should I say this? It was amazing! The food was. Wish I could go back there again someday. Ameen.

Bulgogi with rice.
Sweet Crispy Chicken and Omelette 

For sure we wouldn't let our last night pass without us going to the Night Market. Went for another round of street food. Tried as many as we can. While writing this, my tummy is grumbling. Damn you street food, now I miss everything about Korea. Definitely gonna plan another trip there.


Baked Cheese. This is my favorite. Bought this every single night haha

Croissant Bungeoppang

Grilled Shrimps

These are some of the street food which I tried. There were more but HA HA HA says no more I couldn't stop myself from stuffing those inside my mouth. Everybody was literally on their feet and so do us. We couldn't stop walking and enjoys our stay there by going all over the places. 

Day 5

Finally, it's time to go home. Everything was smooth but we were kinda sad as our tummy request for more Restoran Kampungku dishes but too bad we couldn't make it due to time constraint. But it's fine, hopefully, there'll be next time.

Alhamdulillah, we safely arrived back to Malaysia on the early midnight. It was kinda tiring but I enjoyed every minute of my time there. Had a great time meeting new people everywhere that it was worth it. I do have a lot more to write and tips to share but I guess this is all for now. I hope you this is worth the read too. hehe.. I'll be sure to update things from time to time.

Do drop any comment below or contact me if you guys have anything to ask.

Happy Reading Lovelies. 


  1. Wahhhh bestnya. Teringin makan toppoki. Nyum!

  2. Replies
    1. Hehe best best. Sbb the weather was really nice tht time.

  3. wow banyak tempat menarik,makanan pun rasa nak j...bila la dpt sampai sana

    1. True. In shaa Allah. One fine day you’ll be there. Ameen

  4. salam ziarah....wahh bestnyer cuti2 ke Korea...teringin nak pegi tp tabung x cukup lg..hehe..

    follower #99 <3

    1. Thank you. In shaa Allah x lama lg cukup la tu. Slowly but surely ☺️☺️

  5. Pengalaman yang sangat menarik.. Kalaulah boleh ke sana juga.. Huhuhu teringin nak cuba makanan jalanan tu..

    1. Alhamdulillah I am so grateful. Yes wajib try tau. In shaa Allah mudah mudahan smpi la ke sana satu hari nnt. Ameen.

  6. Ha dah enabled google acc comment sng sikit org nk komen, tp byk nya awk makan kat sana haha cantik tmpt diorang 😁

    1. hahahahha memang ke sana niat utama nak makan. hehe

  7. Tak pernah sampai sana lagi, teringin jugak. Dengar kata makanan kat sana best2. Haha macam terbukti je bila tengok gambar2 kat post ni. Hehe

    Btw, follow back kat sini! Salam kenal. :)

    1. thank you so much. Yes betul. But kdg2 tu ade jugak yg x minat. bergantung pada individu jugak la. For me it's good and worth it.

  8. Bestnya dapat pi Korea...Teringin nak pi...♡.♡

    1. In shaa Allah. Nanti turn awak pulak my dear. Ameen

  9. I did not get to go to Restoran Kampungku. Well, banyak je lagi tempat yang tak dapat pergi. Hahaha. Maybe next time :)

    1. me too. there's still many places to discover but at least this few places is okay for now. better than nothing. slowly but surely, i'll plan for another trip in a different season i guess. hehe

  10. hi... singgah sini sambil follow awak dari blog diarialialiyana.blogspot.my

  11. Koreaaaa~ i really miss korea. Paling suka musim spring . Hihihi.

    Nadia punya fav topokki and odeng !!! Masa g Busan everyday nadia makan odeng without fail . Hahaha. Nak gie Korea lagiiiii~ <3

    Oh I guess i know zaza backpackers tue. Ia sebelah Nungmaru Guesthouse kan ? First time nadia gie korea , kitaorang stay dkt Nungmaru tue lah. Everyday gie Myeongdong hahaha

    1. Haah betul la tu. Next time boleh la try Nungmaru Guesthouse pulak. Best sgt sbb dekat dengan Myeongdong. Just across the street and memang every night lepak sana.

      I wish I could go back there again.


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