My First Giveaway and Pyka B'day Giveaway

Tuesday, 12 December 2017
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As you all know I've been telling you guys about me wanting to rest but it doesn't mean that I will not be posting anything. For my dear blogger Syfqh I would gladly join her special giveaway for her birthday. This seems to be her very first giveaway, so let's join and support her okay. It's easy and yes I am definitely joining. I don't mind as I don't even have to sweat for this one. I'm not good with pretty words but as she would want me to describe her blog I'll try my best to do so. 


The very first impression I had every time I saw her blog was, I thought it was so pretty especially with that floral background. Somehow I felt calm every time I visited her blog. I really love that background, I'm dead serious. The color combination was really harmony (I'm not sure if I describe this right but I hope you'll understand what I meant to say). 

Clean and minimal

It's so pleasing to the eye that her blog is so neat. Even if I'm really bad and avoided everything in white but I actually couldn't resist how this color actually symbolizes cleanliness. Does that mean mine too? *shy

Comment on Improvement?

I just love everything about the blog except for one thing. The 'shoutbox'. No offense but it would be really nice if you put the shoutbox in the configure list. This is just my opinion. (Cuz you asked for a comment. The truth is I couldn't find one and just made this one out of the blue. hehe love you)

This ends on 14th of January 2018.


  1. What a good describer! Good luck sis ^^

    1. heeeee I'm just having fun supporting everyone. thnk youuu

  2. Good luck raydah. Semoga ada rezeki raydah ❤

  3. Replies
    1. thnk you so muchhhh. i hope i'll get lucky this time

  4. Goodluck pretty. Semoga ada luck ^^

  5. all the best raydah ! kitew suke lah font blog awak ni. geram huruf die bulat-bulat hehe

    1. thnk youuu. hehe kasi kemas sikit bru sedap mata memandang. ^^


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