Pencarian Bloglist 2018

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Hi guys.

I know the title is sometimes is Malay and my writing would be in English. Screw 'em haha. I decide what's mine. So, here's another segment I joined. I have nothing to critic expect for it's too cute. Yes, the blog is so cute. I love it. hehe

Click here to get to her blog


  1. hi dear! thank you for making an entry for me :D done follow u too! don't forget to put my link in one of your bloglist ya :D thanks dear.

  2. aka singgah sini..all the best Raydah, rajin betol dia join segmen

    1. heee thnk you akak. sementara dpt join kite joinnn

  3. ohayoo🌷 lisa datang jenguk blog sis ni. btw, lisa nak masukkan blog sis dalam bloglist lisa boleh? tengkiuu hehe. btw jemput baca entry baru lisà.

  4. Good luck ye semoga menang ray


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