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Friday, 9 February 2018
Hi guys. 


I guess I'm just gonna post a lot of giveaway segments which I joined as an act of support to every blogger I know. It's fun tbh. I get to see lots of new sights of blogs and blogger.

Click the banner yaa

My new year's resolutions are quite long but to make it simple I hope for everything to be going well for me and all the people that I love. Hoping for everything to be well just for me might sound selfish and I think I am selfish sometimes. But you know sometimes we have to be selfish in terms of the positivity for oneself. So, I promise myself to give more to myself and also to other people around me in all sorts of ways possible.

I guess that's it that I wish to reveal. I do have a lot more but just gonna keep it to myself for now. Wish me luck guys. If you wish to join me then click the banner to know more. And the gifts are in cash, can you say no to cash?? hehe


  1. Sometimes putting yourself first let u astray... but I agreed your opinion that we have to be selfish for some positive side.Hehe ^^ Good luck for this GA!!! :D

  2. haha kreatif nama giveaway ni, gudluck!

  3. All the best in 2018, hope it's not to late to wish.

    1. thnkk you. noo it's never too late. happy new year to you too

  4. Good luck ray. May all ur resolutions achieved. 😀

  5. Happy February dear, goodluck for the giveaway and also ur resolution

  6. good luck jugak...rajin join giveaway...

  7. gd luck... you are deserved to selfish as soon as it is positive for you

  8. smoga dipermudahkan mencapai cita2. :)

    Jemput singgah tgk entry terkini k.. :)
    1. Dr Amalina Bakri Dedah 4 'Rahsia' Mudah Untuk Fasih Berbahasa Inggeris

  9. Good luck Ray untuk giveaway ini dan your resolutions ❤️

  10. gud luck untuk azam tahun ini
    jemput baca sha punya azam juga hee


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