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Monday, 16 April 2018

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Hi guys.


No. The picture is not related to what I'm about to write today. I actually got the chance to try a new product called Tok Melah Sinusitis Tablet and Soap. My sinusitis wasn't actually that bad since I've been watching my own food intake and control my own allergies. My biggest concern was me sneezing each and every morning. Quite a bother for me when I need to do my morning activities that people thought I was having flu which I was actually not. 

Sinusitis, also known as a sinus infection or rhinosinusitis is the result of inflammation of the sinuses resulting in symptoms. Some of the common symptoms include thick nasal mucus, a plugged nosed and pain in the face. Some other sign and symptoms that might associate with sinusitis may also include fever, headaches, sore throats and cough. It varies from different individual.

I'll try to make it short and simple kay.

Tok Melah's tablet is a special product that is specially formulated in tablet form for children-friendly. This tablet is suitable for children's use as early as 6 years old as well as adults regardless men or women. It contains natural ingredients such as:
1. Habatussauda
2. Cinnamon
3. Apples
4. Pomegranate
5. Raspberry
6. Dates
7. Orange
8. Vitamin C

The benefits of Tok Melah's tablet:
  • Stops the irritations or itchiness of the eyes, nose, ears, throat, and body
  • Helps those who sneeze frequently and relieve nasal congestion 
  • Improves the performance of body immunization and respiratory system 
  • Anti-inflammatory and relieve cold 
  • Preventing asthma attacks 
  • Reduces cholesterol and anti-toxic
  • Treat acne in the face and body due to sinusitis 
  • Helps to reduce the problem of crusty dandruff
  • When needed
  • Adults (1-2 tablets before meals)
  • Children (1 tablet before meals)
The soap is specially formulated with natural ingredients such as cinnamon, essential oil clove, and turmeric extract. It can be used from the age of 12 years old. Tok Melah soap can also be used by pregnant women s it does not contain any harmful or controlled substances. 

Benefits of the soap
  • Reduce the problem of irritation in the face, nose, and eyes
  • Brightens, and moisturizes facial skin 
  • Smoothens and tightens the skin
  • Reduces the number of acne on skin
  • Restores the skin to the original tone
  • Reduce blemishes on the face
  • Prevent wrinkles and dull skin
Directions of use
  • Wash your face 2 times a day. It is just as you used your other cleansing routines. 
Now that you've read all the main descriptions and benefits of Tok Melah's Sinusitis Tablets and Soap. I hope it somehow can give you more options in order treat your own sinusitis problem. It's never too late to try and cure all that needs to be cured. 

My honest thoughts

Here is my personal thought. I am not the kind who would do anything carelessly especially when it comes to health. I took serious considerationofn everything that I consumed or used. Because you have to know your body well and it's very important. The tablet to me taste fine and it does give a positive effect. Alhamdulillah with the help of this new tablet that I tried to consume for a month now did give me a positive effect. Tbh I had both the soap and the tablet but for some reason, I didn't try the soap on as just the tablet is good enough. Thank you for recommending this product to me. 

If you're wondering about the price, don't worry because it's considerably affordable:
Tok Melah Sinusitis Tablet -  RM49.00 (WM) / RM59.00 (EM)
Tok Melah Resin Soap - RM15.90 (20g) / RM29.90 (20g)

For any further information or questions do not hesitate to contact them here 
HQ - 013-4942566
IG - #PenawarResdungViral #KemanKemanRasberi


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  1. Bolehlah pengidap resdung mencuba..

  2. Nice honest review kak Ray!! ^^

  3. Wow! I really need to get this product since most of my family members has sinusitis. Probably this will help them a little bit.

  4. Dekat kedai takde ke?
    btw, salam singgah. jemput datang join segmen blogwalking di blog saya

    1. im not sure bout that. boleh cek kt page diorg ^^.
      in shaa Allah. thnk you jemput ye

  5. Risau nak makan apa apa bila ada resdung ni . huhu. Tapi mana tau blh try yang Ray kata ni.

    1. me too. memang risau utk consume mcm2 cbb takut x sesuai dgn our body. Alhamdulillah this one okay je for me. i hope it's okay utk everyone else too.

  6. Suami saya resdung boleh tahan teruk jugak..nanti boleh la gtau dia pasal tok melah ni

  7. Alhamdulillah the tablet works well with your body. Good to know that all the ingredients are all natural based.

  8. mungkin bole beli..mak ada resdung..thanks for sharing sis

  9. boleh suruh suami akak cuba nih


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