Mystery Giveaway By Flavnesz

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Was reading through my comments and found out about my fellow blogger's new giveaway. Yep, totally joining. Count me in okay. 

My impressions?

Since she'd love to know it then I'll reveal it here. There's nothing I hate about it but I love it even more. Everything is just great. I may have not left many comments but I do read all the post there. Since people have a different kind of view and writing style, I just thought hers was already perfect. 

My Favorite Chapter?


I wonder why? Maybe because I felt the exact same thing as you when you wrote that down. Mixed feelings and everything just somehow overflows from within you which sometimes you cannot explain through words. Can you relate how complicated my insides are? Those words may seem simple and easy to understand but when you really tried to interpret in a various way you'll find it way complex and thorny than it looks. 


  1. Visiting you back!! ^^ hehe good luck tau! :D

  2. Good luck !
    Semoga murah rezeki :D

  3. nak join jugak lah. Good luck Ray :)

  4. Anies buat giveaway! Okay nanti nak join. Good luck Ray!

  5. Hai ray lama tak singgah sini. Tq berkunjung tanda ray ingat pada ena. Hehe.. gud luck ye.

    1. heee mesti la igt. cuma x smpt nak singgah sbb busy sikit.

  6. Aww.. Thank you so much for the support..! Well I could definitely relate it with you, since chapter 82 is basically the inner feelings of mine too.. huhu..

  7. Best of luck to you Ray 💕💕

  8. Best of luck, Ray.. Semoga ada rezeki untuk awak..

  9. Alaa kena curi masa nak join ni..All the best Raydah <3


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