Hi guys.


I really want to let you know that it has been so busy again for me lately. I am so sad that I'll have less time to blog walk. I do miss blog walking. I did visit each one of you but a few at a time when I have time. I've been reading your blogs but sometimes I didn't get to leave a comment. So nope, I won't be missing from blogging world. 

Since the moment of so-many-works-piled-up, I begin to miss traveling. Especially my last trip to Korea. Went through some of the photos and found my old video and I post one of it on my channel. It's a raw video without any editing but I like it since it features what actually happens at that particular moment. If you get what I mean.  

Feel free to watch and don't forget to subscribe okay. 

His really famous you know and he even knows some Malay words. Those who have been to Korea especially Myeongdong would remember him. He's making a dessert called Honey String Cookies (I don't really remember what it's called) that is also very well known as the traditional royal cookies. It was fascinating and fun. How I wish to go back and explore more. In shaa Allah some other beautiful day.