Monday, 26 March 2018

Off on a trip | I'll be back

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Thursday, 22 March 2018

They Made My Day

Hi guys.


I actually had no idea on what to write right this instant but somehow I remember my unplanned entry which pops out of nowhere which actually happens all the time. I don't really plan on writing anything as it comes naturally when it needs to be done. I love that although I may sound like someone who is unorganized honestly, I suck at planning. Trust me I am. 

Ok back to my so-called unplanned entry, I went to get my dinner the other day and made up my mind to buy myself something healthy to eat. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't mean that I ate unhealthy food before. It's just I need to get something different. Well, at least sometimes. 

I don't consider myself as a food blogger and this is not a food review kinda entry but when it comes to good food it excites me. It's been so tough and tiring lately so I decided to get myself something good as a reward for myself. Yes, I reward myself a lot as I love me. So, what I really wanted to share here was how happy and touched I was when people treat me nicely. Who doesn't?

Some people might be able to guess this right but lemme tell you, I love Kenny Rogers. A LOT. Even though the last time I went to a different branch, I was totally ignored but I'm never gonna give up on this. The food of course. With their sweet smile and so much act of thoughtfulness, the staff at Kenny Roger Roasters at the ECM really made my day a lot better. It was gloomy throughout the day with so much to do and not to mention the weather outside as well but that changes when I walk into Kenny Rogers. What I really wanted to say here was not about the food but the treatment they gave me when I walk inside.

Remember my last post about me being ignored completely by them as if I was invisible, You can tell how disappointed I was. I'm sure you guys would understand the emotional state you're in when you're super duper hungry but was left unattended. If you didn't read that one yet, just click here. Maybe it seems normal to most people as it is their work etiquette but for me, I felt it differently. If you know how kindness works that it applied to both parties. (She's actually sleepy that she rambles and mumbles about everything insignificantly)


There weren't really many people on that day just like the way I like it. I don't really like crowds.

It was super quiet and calm so, yes I love it. That was why I don't really go out on weekend. If it's possible, I would choose to go out on weekdays.  

These are the four which made my day. Thank you for making my salad. It was always so good that I ordered the same thing each and every time. Yes, she loves salad so so so much. They were the ones who took my order that day, not wanting me to get bored they speed things up with certain adjustments to the menu and yes, of course, I love it. Thank you again. 

Can you see that favorite food of mine? It was super tasty and good too of course. Thank you for reading this little appreciation post of mine. I meant entry. It's not much but hey they make me happy and that's the most important part out of all.  

Saturday, 17 March 2018

10 - 20 minutes everyday to keep you in shape | My Style

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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Wonderful March Giveaway Participants List

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Monday, 5 March 2018

Taking my time to recover.

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Saturday, 3 March 2018


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