Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Preloved Giveway by Raydah

Finally, the long-awaited moment is here. I finally got the idea of how to post this. Been thinking of what to name my giveaway this time and I'm going with 'Preloved Giveaway' since I'm giving away some of the things that I don't really use. It'll be a waste to let it all go to waste. You know what I meant. I love giving a…

Atie Zieya's Giveaway

Thank you Cuya for reminding me. I almost miss this one for real. One of the reasons why I join this is because of the banner. It's cute haha. She has been super sweet and always comes back to my blog from time to time. Here I am supporting her giveaway. Wish me, luck guys.
Friday, 7 August 2020

5 Amazing Food Places in Kuala Lumpur You Can Try On

5 amazing food places in Kuala Lumpur you can try on | Food and lifestyle have always been the major topics on my blog and I always enjoy sharing it. Kuala Lumpur has always been an exciting place to explore as it is not only famous with the KLCC tower but is also filled with amazing places to look around and eat.