Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Giveaway Wang Tunai RM 1000 Mamapipie & Friends

Going here and there. Training like almost everyday got me drop dead every night when I got home. So I haven't had much time to blog and join any giveaway. I'll join one more before it ends. Wish me luck guys. 

Almost a year older

I just realized that in a week's time I am turning 26 (March baby). Wow, how time flies. I feel so old already. I've learned a lot and there is still a lot to learn. Is it normal not to feel anything anymore as your age is increasing in number?

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Why it's good to take some time off?

Why it's good to take some time off? | Occasionally I took some time off from social media.

Again, I took some more time off from updating my blog for quite a while. It's not that I'm out of ideas but something just seems to be off and I think that it's good for the brain. Yes, exactly and overworking can be very stressful.

Monday, 17 February 2020

These Pizzas Can Sing! Let's Try Them

Who's here is a fan of pizza? 

I'm a big fan of pizza but don't get me wrong I would eat pizza once in a while but not every day of course. For me it's fun to enjoy and eat pizza when you're with your friends or family. Sharing is caring, right? Since I am away from home most of the time, this girl also eats pizza alone. Nope, not sad. It's fun to actually have a quality time on your own occasionally. I don't really remember when was the last time I had pizza but maybe it was a few months ago. 

One thing which I love when going back to my hometown is having the opportunity to spend my time with my family and we sometimes had pizza together. Being away from them makes me miss them even more and I crave pizza so very often. Being a student who works sometimes doesn't allow me to actually go out that often so thank god there's a pizza delivery. I don't really need to drive and go out just for it. 

Fun fact!

Back in the days when I still attended class for my nutrition subjects, we talked and discussed a lot of topics regarding foods and drinks. It's essential in our daily life so it's important to pay attention to it. One interesting topic was regarding balance diet and pizza was included. For me one slice or size of pizza actually contains a mix of nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, fats and calcium. Grain is one of the primary ingredients in the crust although it may sometimes not be whole grain. 

Pizza hut is not only famous for it's pizza but also variety of other meals such as pastas and desserts and side dishes. From time to time, if you're not feeling like pizza, you can choose many other meals such as carbonara, bolognese or even lasagna. Since pizza had a lot of choices these are some of my favourites and regular menus from pizza hut that I love. 

Super Supreme

Image result for super supreme pizza hut

Hawaiian Chicken

Image result for hawaiian chicken pizza hut

Beef Pepperoni

Image result for beef pepperoni pizza hut

Chicken Pepperoni

Image result for chicken pepperoni pizza hut

Aloha Chicken

Image result for pizza hut aloha chicken

Super Supreme was the first pizza I ever had since i was a kid. A fan of veggies? No I definitely am not a fan of veggies. But here's a story, I started to learn and eat vegetables when I try and eat pizza without removing any of the toppings. Long story short, I learn to eat vegetables from Super Supreme XD. It took a while but I think it's amazing how I built up the love I have for vegetables just from a single pizza. This is a true story. 

Fret not, if you're like me and don't really have the time to actually go out and buy pizza, try delivery. Today it's even easier to order and enjoy your pizza since there's a pizza delivery. There's so many options and I would sometimes use FoodPanda. Food Panda Malaysia Delivery allows you to choose various menus to your liking to be delivered in front of your doorstep. It's very convenient when you really need it. Have you ever tried ordering pizza through FoodPanda?

I am so thankful that I can actually ordered them to be delivered to me when I am super busy or sick. At the very least you can still enjoy the food you wanted without having to step out of the house just for a box of pizza. Since it has been a while, I'm considering to get a pizza for me too. Are you still thinking of what to eat? Why not have pizza instead. 

So these are my favourites. What's yours? 

Sunday, 16 February 2020

What I miss the most | Random memories

It's amazing how fast time flies and all the things that have changed in our life as the time goes by. It waits for no one. Sooner or later you'll realise the more you try to chase for something the more thing you'll forget. Yes, we aren't perfect and humans tend to forget about a lot of things. 

Monday, 10 February 2020

A Beautiful Reminder

While doing house chores early this morning, my mum plays a video on her phone. I think it's a sharing session from an "ustaz". A "ceramah". It's short, a good one and I love it. While listening to it, the sentence at the very end of the video caught me.

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Beeha Azman Mencari Bloglist Baru

Okay someone actually tagged me. Auch thank you. The title is in Malay but I'm still gonna write this in English. I've long been a follower and a subscriber to both her blog and youtube channel since the very beginning. I'd love to be in her blog list too. ihiks

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Tips on planning a trip to Melaka

Tips on planning a trip to Melaka | After a long week of classes and struggling with my studies, I'm finally done with my final exam. It's time to take some times off. I decided to go to Melaka and bring my family along. Travelling with your family won't be easy as you need to make sure you yourself are well informed and that they're comfortable. Moving here and there won't be easy. So here are a few tips that work which I'd love to share with you guys. I've been travelling solo most of the time but this time I am taking my family along.