Sunday, 31 December 2017

It's new year and I'm sick

Hi guys. 


I don't have much to say but anyway happy new year. May 2018 be a better year for all of us. 2017 has been great to me. Alhamdulillah. It was not always good but let us appreciate every good thing which happens in our life. Be sure to look at the bright side. Everything happens for a reason. So be grateful for that. It's a part of learning process and a great experience to improve yourself in becoming a better person. I don't feel too good right now so I just gotta had to rest. 

Have a great year ahead guys. Love you.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Missing Korea. (Kkul-tarae)

Hi guys.


I really want to let you know that it has been so busy again for me lately. I am so sad that I'll have less time to blog walk. I do miss blog walking. I did visit each one of you but a few at a time when I have time. I've been reading your blogs but sometimes I didn't get to leave a comment. So nope, I won't be missing from blogging world. 

Since the moment of so-many-works-piled-up, I begin to miss traveling. Especially my last trip to Korea. Went through some of the photos and found my old video and I post one of it on my channel. It's a raw video without any editing but I like it since it features what actually happens at that particular moment. If you get what I mean.  

Feel free to watch and don't forget to subscribe okay. 

His really famous you know and he even knows some Malay words. Those who have been to Korea especially Myeongdong would remember him. He's making a dessert called Honey String Cookies (I don't really remember what it's called) that is also very well known as the traditional royal cookies. It was fascinating and fun. How I wish to go back and explore more. In shaa Allah some other beautiful day. 

Saturday, 23 December 2017

A Little Sneak Peak at Chimi Churri

Hi guys.


Remember last time I did the post about my first time trying Chimi Churri. I just remember that I did take a short video while I was there. So, if you guys were wondering how it looks like over there feel free to watch this video. Don't worry it's just a short video and believe me it's too tempting. For me at least. ^^

If you haven't read that post you can click here to read it. 

There was an explosion in our hotel room



Don't get too shocked but it was actually a small explosion in our hotel room. It was unexpected and definitely disappointing when this happens in your hotel room. There were a spark and a loud pop sound when this happens that everything just goes off. It was fortunate that it was the last day of our stay at the hotel and this happens during the day. So, nope it's not dark except for the toilet (I had to bring my phone inside and use the torch of course).

We were getting ready to check out while watching Ejen Ali playing on the television and I decided to dry my hair using the hairdryer. I know this was a bad idea but it was good for the first 2 days and no problems occur. Maybe my luck had just gone off and boom goes the small explosion. Not sure if an explosion is a right word to use but yes it was really loud that we left stunned on our two feet back then.

I am so sure there was something wrong with the way they handle and place the hairdryer and all since the first day we got in. Oh well, I'll just let it slip for the first time and see what happens in the end. Seems like I was right all along. My guts won't betray me for sure. All in all, I am just glad that it was only the plug that damage and we're definitely all right. Safety first.

There’s more to come with this topic. I will be writing about the hotel review soon. For now, I’ll be focusing on certain things outside. It has been quite busy for me lately. For all  the emails and messages, I will reply asap. Till then, take care and be safe.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Congratulations! My lucky Winners for Comeback Giveaway by Raydah Alhabsyi

Hi guys.


Alhamdulillah. Comeback Giveaway by Raydah Alhabsyi has finally ended. I am really thankful to everyone who has been supporting me throughout this giveaway month and since the beginning of my new blog. I unconsciously decided to start a new blog and honestly, this is one of the best decision I've ever made this year. This year has been amazing thanks to everyone. 

As you guys can see, this is actually a very new blog and I didn't even expect for many to join this giveaway of mine. But to my surprise, the participation was beyond my imagination. It was twice the number that I imagine. What did I do to deserve this? I am so happy right now and as promised there will definitely be more winners. I've decided to add up to 4 more winners and to sum up everything there will be 5 winners of Norah Organic Hair Removal.

Big thanks to each and every one of you who joined my little giveaway


So here are the five lucky winners which will receive a jar of Hot or Cold Norah Organic Hair Removal.

17. Mamapp

41. Sis Gee

Attention to all my lucky winners, please email me your details here @

Tel. Number 
Extra note: I am deeply sorry cause I have to randomly send your Norah to each of you. Sorry again. I have my reasons. Don't get mad okay. Love you.

Congratulations to everyone who got lucky and that is of course with the help of Mr. True Random Generator. I am thinking of using another method next time. Can someone suggest me another interesting method to choose winners for giveaways? I'd love to try it.

I would also like to apologize for any inconvenience which happens during this giveaway. For those who are unlucky, don't worry there will be another with different and interesting prizes. I already got one in mind. Stay tuned and update okay.

There's more,

Since the number of participants was very overwhelming, I am so happy to announce that I'll be choosing 10 lucky bloggers from my participants' list (to be fair, I am not including those who already won the Norah okay) to be featured on my special blog list which will start on January and last till the end of February. It can be anybody so get ready to be picked okay. Mmuah

I hope you'll have a pleasant day. 

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Comeback Giveaway by Raydah Alhabsyi

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

The end of Comeback Giveaway by Raydah Alhabsyi

Hi guys.


In a few hours my giveaway will end. I’ll be updating the lucky winners for my giveaway as soon as I can. I’ve been quite busy lately but don’t worry, never once did I forget about this. Been feeling so excited to find out who the lucky winners will be. Since the participations was beyond what I imagine (in a good way), I am happy to announce that there will be more lucky winners. Stay tuned okay. I love you guys so much. 

Sunday, 17 December 2017

New Youtube Channel

Hi guys.


Please don't get mistaken. I am no youtube-r or someone who does V-logging. I only do Blogging. Too lazy to edit or record any videos except for the insta stories. You know what I meant right. But I love writing. So, I'll focus more on Blogging. It's the B and V word that matters here. I do have a channel back then with a few subscribers, videos and of course views. But turns out I don't really feel like having a youtube channel and now I think like I do. Don't worry this is just for fun. I think I'll try and post short videos or anything simple, to begin with. Feel free to watch and subscribe another newbie here. If you have a channel I'll subscribe back. Let me know what you think.

Tried uploading my first video yesterday.
Cautions: Volumes down please.

That's not me of course. You'll see the old me when you play the video. I'm gonna look so weird in here but screw it I don't care. LOL. Hope you'll still enjoy the video. Bye

I've added another button there. 

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Trying out the new KFC Chizza


I know it's a bit late but last few weeks I did try and have my first bite on the new KFC Chizza. It's chicken and pizza guys. Heard a lot of different comments from others when they first try the Chizza and I became curious myself about how exactly does it taste. Not expecting anything as long as it tasted good I'm fine with it.  

Looks cute. 

It's even cuter from the inside.
Here's what I thought. It tastes okay. Not bad but this is not the best they could've made. Some told me that it's spicy, not really tbh. I kinda love it since there's a sweet and sour taste with the help of cheese-pineapple and a little bit of sauce. You can tell they tried to make as Chizza as possible with that little ingredient. It's good enough. Don't expect much. And I enjoyed it.

And there goes my littlest short review on the Chizza. Don't worry you won't have to read long post in my blog. Maybe except for a certain ocassion. ^^

Sunday, 10 December 2017


Friday, 8 December 2017

Just a normal day

Hi guys.

It's just a normal day for me but I hope you guys will have a great time with your loved ones, families and friends. Since it's been raining heavily for the past months, hope you guys will always be safe no matter where you are. Don't forget to do a little a bit of kindness to others. At least once a day. What you give, you'll get back. I'm sure you understand what I meant. Do good things to other people and they'll do the same. 

Till then. Bye

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Edited my own header.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

I was listed on the Top Commentator Guys

Hi guys.

I am so excited to tell you guys that I was on the top 10 list for top commentator for sis Shikin's blog. Alhamdulillah. I'm sure you guys noticed that I just started blogging back. The best part of blogging for me was being able to interact with one another. Since everyone had the same passion for blogging, I had so much fun. Congratulations to everybody on the list.

I guess 7 will be my next lucky number.
Can't wait for it. Thank you so much, sis. 
She's one of my favorite too. Congrats to you too sis. 

I followed quite a few people and tries to keep track on the updates of my blog list. I do love to read and studies on how other people write plus shares on their blog. Being able to learn more from them helps keeps me going. Most of them inspire me through their writings and I love it. I guess this a bonus as well as a good start for me in welcoming the new year.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

My very first time trying Salon Du Chocolat


This was actually the last month's post but as I said it has long been in my draft and I just decided to upload it today. I mean to publish. I've always been a chocolate lover and decided to try this new cafe called Salon Du Chocolat. I couldn't help but take my two feet inside the tempting smell of chocolate filled cafe. I'll just call it cafe since it'll be easier for me. It's here in East Coast Mall, Kuantan if you're wondering. Since there's no Dip n Dip here in Kuantan so Salon Du Chocolat is the best choice I have. 

Decided to order Donut Waffle and a tea since it'll be so sweet.

Aren't these gorgeous?

I couldn't help but feel so happy just by looking at this.
It was quite similar to Dip n Dip but Salon Du Chocolate has quite a variety of choices as well but so far both are satisfying. The prices were also quite similar. Both are a bit pricey but hey it was worth it since the taste was far beyond good if you know what I mean (I just love chocolate). I'm in an undefined relationship with chocolate, so yeah.

I am not gonna say much but if you love chocolate as much as I do then you should really try. If not then that's fine. Since I was alone so there's not much that I could order and it'll be a waste if I didn't finish it. I'll be sure to bring someone else next time.

Friday, 1 December 2017

It's December