Monday, 29 March 2021

Places I wish to visit in Singapore

I've gone to Johor a couple of times and have seen the border separating Malaysia and Singapore. I'm sure many of us know how near Johor and Singapore are. Yep, I've never been to Singapore. It has been on one of my lists to visit Singapore but sadly it was always held back due to many reasons. Despite that, I still wish for it and wanted to visit Singapore someday. 

Friday, 19 March 2021

Reasons why SHELL Kuantan Bypass 1 is my favourite stop

Hi guys, I finally have the time to write again. These few weeks have been a roller coaster with so many things taking place at the same time leaving my blog unattended. But as always I've been reading all of your comments (I read them again and again). Thank you for all the beautiful words & wishes. A big thanks to everyone for giving me another reason to smile. May His Almighty bless you all and that all your beautiful prayers are sent back to everyone. 

Now let's talk. I'll be direct as I am excited to share about my favorite stop. I've never really shared about this but now I'd love to and very excited to do so. It's the SHELL Kuantan Bypass 1! I am sure everyone knows SHELL. Yes, very well known I know. But did you guys know why SHELL Kuantan Bypass 1 is my favorite? Continue reading and you'll know. *wink

Reasons why SHELL Kuantan Bypass 1 is my favorite stop 

Actually, I love both SHELL Kuantan Bypass 1 and the one in Semambu. Arghhh it's hard to actually decide. Anyway, please continue and read okay. 


The first impression I got as I arrived was how spacious it was. This was a few years ago as we make our first stop to meet an acquaintance before driving off to Perak for an occasion. Thinking about this makes me miss everything before COVID. Now everything is just so different but no worries SHELL Kuantan Bypass 1 is still there. 

The sections are divided into two so both big and small vehicles can be separated. I love that part every time I went to another gas station that did the same. It feels safe. Who don't, right? 

It's super clean

It's super clean. It has been years but they manage to make it stay clean like it's new. Their toilet, prayer room, and everywhere. Did you know that their toilet at SHELL Semambu looks like a hotel room. Yup, that's how beautiful and clean it is. Go check it out and see for yourself. Kudos to everyone who works on it. I feel so proud! 

The staff, they are very friendly

It's very cheerful the moment you take the first step inside with endless friendly greetings by everyone. It doesn't feel awkward at all. I hope they'll keep it like that for as long as they could. The fact that just by smiling you can make others happy and lift their mood up, is just so amazing. It's like magic. You know it's true and I'm sure some of you have been through the same situation too. 

I'm not exaggerating, just saying what I truly felt. Being greeted in a cold manner makes it the last time I visit certain places. Do you mind if I share something? I'm gonna share it anyway since I haven't write like this in so long and my fingers are now dancing on my keyboard. *big smile

You can sometimes, actually see how grumpy or angry someone is based on their tone or the way they talk. Let's just say they're in a bad mood. So this happened. 

You see, I went to the drive-thru a few days ago, to grab something to eat since it's the fastest way to satisfy my crying tummy. Thank goodness I am not one to be angry when I'm hungry. While ordering my food I noticed that the one who takes my order sounds very unfriendly and I can see that the person is in a grumpy mood from afar. Yes, I can see it clearly. You know what'll happen if the fire is played with fire. Nothing good will come thru. 

Fire and fire are completely a no. So, what I do was, I keep on smiling and greet them nicely. I don't like to take my mask off but for that person to actually see my sincere gesture, I don't mind.  It actually makes my day even better to see one more smile in front of me. At least I know, that person is feeling much better and that I get to enlighten the mood up. 

All I wanted to convey was that sometimes your kind gestures or smile can actually make others feel good. It helps a lot because we don't know what they are going thru. It matters. Okay, that is all. I know it's nothing special but I feel good about sharing it and thank you so much for reading it. *blushed

Let's continue, shall we?

Viral Foods

This my most favorite part. It's food! 

Traveling and refueling our gas (the vehicles of course) needed us to make a stop at the gas station. At the same time, we'd want to get something to munch, grabbing food and drinks on the go. (I am smiling while writing this and wanted to go grab another snack there *giggles)

When I was little, I love it every time my parents make a stop at the gas station as I get to buy snacks to eat in the car just in case we get hungry or bored. Of course, there's some for the driver too, you know eating (plus coffee) helps you stay awake while driving. Thinking about it is enough to make me happy.

What makes it even more exciting here now is because you can find so many viral foods. By viral foods, I mean all the foods and beverages that are being sold online that you have to order. But if you're here and near to either SHELL Kuantan Bypass 1 or SHELL Semambu, you don't have to wait to get them online. Just stop by and grab them there. Easy peasy and no more waiting. Plus, they're adding more from time to time. No worries, you'll get varieties of 'em. 

TBH, I had a hard time there. It's very hard to pick what I want and to leave there. I wanted to try a lot of things since everything looks super good. XD

If you follow my Instagram you'll know about the foods I post. If not, that's okay. Let me share some of the photos I snap over there. 

COD is available at SHELL Kuantan Bypass 1 and Semambu! 

Good news good news! Just in case you're not able to stop by they also offer to send any of your desired viral food and beverages through delivery. It's great, isn't it? 

There are certainly more photos but I'll just share some of my favorite picks here. You can check them out on @kerangkuningproduction to see what they've got for you in-store. You won't wanna miss it. 

Khas untuk semua warga Kuantan,

Untuk semua warga Kuantan, Ray cadangkan korang singgah di stesen Shell Bypass 1 atau Semambu. Bukan setakat boleh isi minyak, tunaikan solat dan rehat. Malah boleh juga dapatkan makanan viral yang super duper sedap dan best!

Jika kebetulan dah penat sangat, terus balik ke rumah lepas kerja tapi dalam masa yang sama teringin juga nak dapatkan makanan viral seperti dalam gambar di atas, jangan risau.. servis COD turut disediakan. Amacam? Best kan? Untuk jadi warga Kuantan. *wink

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Happy Birthday Ray!

Happy Birthday, Ray!

Hello everyone. It's actually on the third of march but I don't care, I'm posting this one day earlier. hehe. I have nothing much to say but just want to say thank you to everyone who has made my life better and exciting. Your very existence is so precious and meaningful to me. I am so happy to get to know you guys along the way through my blogging career (part-time of course).