Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Love Pizza? Get To Know The Different Crust Styles Of Pizza

Different Crust Styles Of Pizza | Hi guys, it's Ray here and I'm back. This blog has been a bit quiet since I am super busy at the moment. You guys know how I love taking a break once in a while from writing and decided to just enjoy life. Thank you for being patient and never stops visiting my blog.

Rainbow Colour Face Mask from Watson

Rainbow Colour Face Mask from Watson | Hey guys I am super excited to share with you this pretty Rainbow Colour Face Mask from Watson. Oh before that, it has been a while isn't it. I just suddenly vanished from blogging. Honestly, I am so sad for not being able to spend time on my blog as I used to. Been missing a lot of things and wasn't …
Monday, 7 December 2020

My favourite dates | Benefits of Rihura Ajwa Dates

My favourite dates | Not dating but dates. Don't be mistaken. Okay first let me share a story. I've never really like dates until I started attending boarding school. You know, we're away from home and family thus I learned a lot of things back then. Reminiscing it back, now I'm glad I attended my old school even though I wanted to…