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Hi guys.


It's finally my favorite date. That date of the year which makes me feel extra special. I don't really know what to write but it's my birthday. It has been years since I felt this excited on my own birthday. Not because I'll get any extravagant presents or any special surprises, I've had none of those. I don't really have anyone who would buy or do any special surprises for me especially on my birthday. But it was okay, I'm so fine with it. My only wish for my birthday was for me and everyone around me to have a great day and that everything would go smoothly no matter what they do plus warm wishes from everybody. 

Instead of hoping for people to give me things, I choose to reward myself. Since March will last for a month, I'm gonna treat myself with plenty of good things, go on a trip I wish to go, spend a good time with my family and friends. I'm gonna treat myself like every day is my birthday. But most of all, the best gift I ever had is my parents. Just being able to be with them is a total blessing. And of course my baby siblings. Alhamdulillah for everything. May Allah blessed each one of you who is reading this.  Take care and be safe no matter where you are.