It has been a week or two since we last celebrate Hari Raya. This is just a quick update. I've been in a quite unfavourable state these these few weeks. I wonder why? Tried my best to look okay but I'm not in a good health. This worries me. For the first time ever I'm worried sick about myself. It worries me when my family got sick but this time I am more concern about my own body. It left me in wonder why am I in this state. Felt like I might collapse anytime but hopefully not.

My mum keeps on insisting me to go to the hospital/clinic and I as usual keep on refusing. Like always. It's not that it scares me but I just don't really like it tbh. All the procedures and awkwardness, makes me uncomfortable. I just don't know how to describe the pain which I'm having and if it were fevers or terrible headache that would be much easier. Sadly nope. It's not. Trying my best to stay as healthy as I could but you know, sometimes it's just out of your control.

There'll be less update for now and I am so sorry for that. But worry not, my blog walking routine is always on. Take care loves. I hope everyone will always be in the pink of health. Stay safe wherever you are.

Get well soon dear self.