You know sometimes your life is so simple and calm that it makes you wonder how long will this last? This scares me the most. No one can ever predict when things will get tough and that you can barely hold on to anything except for your own courage and strength together with the supports of everyone around you plus all the prayers. You know what's most important? That would be our faith in Allah swt. Keep believing and have faith in all His beautiful plans.

I'm not procrastinating. NO NO NO.

The reason why I haven't been blogging lately:


Yes. No wifi. I forgot to pay the bills. Silly me. When you got to pay your own bills but was stuck with so many things and end up forgetting so many more things. I am so dead.

Okay that's all.


Tbh it has been so busy that I didn't even get the chance to properly visit my blog (plus the wifi problem as well). Been working on so many things these few months. Preparing this and that. Not gonna list it here. Don't worry. No massive write up over here for the time being. I'd like to keep it simple.

Till my next entry. See ya.

Special thanks to everyone who visited my blog while I was absent (I'm so glad there's no attendance to sign XD) and for leaving all the comments on my previous post. I'll read and reply it soon.