I am not out of idea on what to write but actually am confused with so many feelings all mixed together. Please ignore the picture, It's not even related to what I'm about to write.

At one point, I am so sure of things and everything. 

I know what I wanted.
I felt relieved knowing that it was the best for me or it will be the best for me.

"Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won't have a title until much later.Bob Goff
But suddenly it isn't anymore.

I am not sure anymore. Not sure of everything.
There is too much insecurities.
Am suddenly back to square one.
Puzzled with every little things thrown at me.
I am left in so much confusion.

With so many things going on all around. I am stuck.
Stuck in my own unreal realities.
It feels so surreal.


All that I can say is that it all comes from you.
Nothing hurts you more than yourself do.
So love yourself.

Thank you so much for spending your precious little time here. I am sure you have your own worry and insecurities that you're facing right now. Conscious and unconsciously, we are facing different types of obstacle and trying to get over the hitch in order to get to where we're heading to. So, I hope that we'll all be strong enough to face it.

I've been taking a few breaks along the way (some of you might know and might not know, but yes I did) when everything suffocates me. If you're tired and need a little space, be sure to take a rest and break free from all those bothersome stuffs. Just a little while would be enough. At least you'll feel much better after that.

And this people, is so random. My fingers would unconsciously swim across the keyboard forming words I couldn't say but it appears to be well scripted on the screen.