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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Dutch Lady Breakfast Challenge 2018

Assalamualaikum. Hi everyone. I am back with another post. This time it will be on a challenge which I took once I received this box beautiful and huge box from Dutch Lady. Dutch Lady has been my favourite since long ago. I still remember buying a dozen of Dutch Lady Milk just to keep as spare with me when I was in boarding school. You can say it's a part of my life and it really is because it never changed. I would still grab a bottle or one small box of Dutch Lady milk whenever I'm on the go and even spare one inside my bag just in case I'd get hungry. 


I was actually super excited and surprise when the package was given to me. I've never imagine getting such a big box filled with my favourite milk but I did. Yay me. You guys know how important milk is in our daily life. Thanks to Dutch Lady, I can refill all the nutrients I needed when I'm on a certain diet. It completes my everyday need. Let's see how I pair up my breakfast and Dutch Lady Pure Farm milk to get a strong start every morning. 

DAY 1 (Dutch Lady and Roti Canai)

Went out to buy "Roti Canai" for my breakfast early in the morning because I was super hungry. It has been a while since I had my so called traditional breakfast. Some would prefer "Nasi Lemak" but I would go with "Roti Canai" once in a while. The last time I had "Roti Canai" was a few months ago. I did quite crave for it for some times and finally I got mine. Since I got my Dutch Lady with me, so my breakfast was complete. And I love it. 

DAY 2 (Dutch Lady  and Chicken McMuffin)

Forgive me guys. I was super hungry and couldn't help but to go out and grab my breakfast early in the morning by driving thru McDonalds since it's the most convenient at the moment. But worry not, I still got my Dutch Lady to pair up with my Chicken McMuffin. It's not that healthy but at least Dutch Lady Pure Farm milk helps me get what I need for my body. 

DAY 3 (Dutch Lady and KOKOKRUNCH)

This is my favourite. Well, I do have many favourites and Koko krunch is one of it.  Had one box of kokokrunch on my shelf and decided to mixed my Dutch Lady Pure Farm milk together. It never tasted better. * closed my eyes and imagined 


Can I scream?! 

I got my Vietnamese roll!! Finally! Okay sorry for being too excited. I've always wanted to eat Vietnamese roll since the first time I taste it. But it turns out that the place where I first got my Vietnamese roll actually closed and I have been craving for it ever since. I'm too lazy (I'm actually super busy and was too tired to even go buy the ingredients * sorry bout that) to make one myself. And one more thing, I wanted the roll to be really good that I'm afraid it would turn out really different and bad if I make it myself. But the good news was I found the one I've been looking for. another yay for me! And to sum up my fourth day breakfast, of course there'll be a glass of Dutch Lady milk as well and it was super awesome. I couldn't be more happier.

DAY 5 (Dutch Lady and Apam)

This will probably be one of my favourite ever. I got my cute little "Apam" from my beloved sister. I've been away from home for quite some time and haven't really had any "Apam" like I always do when I'm at home. Because my mom would always buy me "Apam" together for my breakfast. And as usual there's my Dutch Lady Pure Farm milk to complete my morning routine. 

So, to summarise everything together, Dutch Lady Pure Farm milk actually helps me to gain the nutrients which I might lack during from having an incomplete meal everyday. As someone who'd want everyone to stay healthy and have a #strongstart breakfast every morning, I'd love to encourage you guys to start your day strong with a nutritious glass of Dutch Lady Pure Farm milk for breakfast! 

Dutch Lady Malaysia will be running #dutchladybreakfastchallenge that is an online breakfast contest from 8th October to 11th November 2018. Join us now and stand a chance of winning exciting prizes worth more than RM 35,000!

Feel free to drop by their facebook page and website by clicking these links below. Come join us and be healthy together. The more the merrier. I'll be waiting ^^



  1. Susu dutch lady memang best ambil sebagai sarapan..

    1. Kan akak. I even drink dutch lady for dinner hehe

  2. suka gambar SUSU dengan coco crunch tu.
    rasa macam nak g beli sekarang :D

    1. hahaaha ramai betul suke gambar tu. siap comment suruh kutip lg kokokrunch yg berterabur tu XD

  3. Photo yang ray amek semua lawa2!! And how to get the box though? So envy, boleh promote2 gitu hahaha. And i craving Vietnamese roll too since the first i tasted it before huwaaaaaaaa

    1. I tried hehe. Tak reti sgt amik gmbr n edit ape semua but i tried to learn sikit2. Alhamdulillah it's an opportunity i've never really thought i'd get. ^^

  4. Pernah minum susu Dutch Lady yang strawberry je.

    1. really?! For me, I dont really like strawberry haha. I'd prefer chocolate and full cream hehe

  5. Ohhh i really wish one day i can be like you. I mean jadikan minum susu tu sbg rutin. Kita tak minum susu maybe sebab dah jemu kot time kecik2 dulu asyik minum je :p Dah cuba tapi dapat telan sikit je pstu tak mahu dah. Huhuhu. Anyway nice share. Bila baca entri ray ni rasa mcm nak challenge diri kita pulak. Hopefully berjaya lah :)

    1. Awwww thank you. tht is so nice of you. yeah you can try. i'd be great


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