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Friday, 9 November 2018

It's November you know what that means

Finally it's November.

I survived 

After two month of running, swimming, struggling and juggling between my classes and freelance work, it's coming down to another month now. It's gonna be the third month and that's a record. I don't think I can even survive these two months. But I did. Alhamdulillah.

What's with November? 

Since it's already the third month, there will surely be more work, an endless submissions to proceed, assignments and project paper plus a line up of test waiting once this short break of mine ends. Phew what a life. I'm so happy that we've got a short break but it's not really the time to celebrate it. This time, it's the moment to rest educationally. You know what I mean. It means more hard work. XD

It's fun 

To be honest, I am actually enjoying all these moments of struggles to go to classes and doing assignments with project papers (fact: I am actually writing a blogpost instead of my project paper XD). Don't get me wrong, I'm a bit sleepy and need some distractions so that I can stay awake. Yep I am now.

The truth

This goes to my classmates. I love you guys (fact: I'm not sure if they're reading this but I just hope not because it's a bit embarrassing tbh >.<. But if they do, May Allah bless you guys with happiness and glory in whatever you're doing. They made my life colourful. You guys rock. I love you guys so much. ). Aside from my family, they're a blessing which I stumbled upon when I started my new student life. I'm hoping that we'll stay together till the end of it. Ameen ya robbal alamin.


My only hope for November is that it'll be a blessed and better month. May your November be a good one this year. Ameen.



  1. What corner is this? Seems interesting to read with hahaha. Good luckkk uuuu

  2. Hope November will you treat you well, Ray :)

  3. In our mind, always say " I cant' do it" please don't give up


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