Earn your USD with SushiVid

Hi guys, have you ever heard of SushivVid. Honestly it's not the first time for me as I've read through various of post and reviews regarding this SushiVid. Few years back, and I thought it has already burn down or lost somewhere but ends up SushiVid is still widely used that there's a lot more people started to join SushiVid. Felt kinda left behind and wonder why didn't I join this earlier as I would've been able to make a lot out of it by now. *sigh

It's a medium where bloggers, youtubers and intagrammers can join to make some extra money. The best part of it was you can earn your income in USD. You heard me, it's USD. You know how much USD values these days. You guys can just click the banner to go the SushiVid site.  

So for those who wanted to sign up for this you'll at least needed to have:
1. 250 subscribers for Youtube
2. 2000 followers in Instagram
3. 2000 visits every month for Bloggers

Don't let this chance get away and take it for granted. Who knows it'll be a good start for you. It's not wrong to share good things with people right. At least it'll help even just a little. 

It's easy to sign up with SushiVid. It won't take much time. Don't worry. Even if you don't have the qualification or the least amount of followers/subscribers for your account, you can still join and get paid for joining this. 

Click HERE to see my post on a simple step to sign up with SushiVid

Note if you click my banner and sign up, you'll automatically earn RM10.00. 

Click the banner 


  1. Keep blogging raydah.. salam pkenalan.

  2. Thanks for sharing this info. I've read about it once or twice but could't find it when I want to read it again :)

  3. Kita baru daftar with your link. Heheh (Y)

    1. awww thnk you so much. semoga murah rezeki. Ameen

  4. Hi,

    Ray ,

    Nadia pernah dgr pasal sushi Vid nie tapi still samar-samar how its work.

    Nway , tq follow my blog. I'll follow you to here . #132

    1. thnk you jugak. Sama la. sebelum ni tak tahu pun ape tu sushivid. paham pun tidak but i take my chances and sign up. Alhamdulillah terus dibayar. n lepas tu terus try and selam dalam2 utk paham lebih lg pasal sushivid ni. hehe


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