Giveaway RamadhanRaya 2018 by aerillhassan

It has been a while since I last joined a giveaway. Been planning to join a few more giveaway while I'm still free. So, here's one of it. As far as I remember, I've already followed all of the accounts that were instructed to be followed. Wish me luck people.


  1. good luck ray. lama mama x singgah sini

  2. Salam sejahtera,
    Terima kasih kerana join Giveaway RamadhanRaya 2018 by aerillhassan.
    Senarai peserta boleh dilihat di sini.

  3. salam. best of luck! saya tag awk dlm GA

  4. Salam sejahtera. Tahniah diucapkan kepada anda kerana tersenarai sebagai pemenang.

    Sila lihat di sini :-


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