Thursday, 11 October 2018

Let Your Friends Know You Celebrate the Achievement by Sending Business Grand Opening Flowers

A wonderful way to celebrate a friend's achievement is by sending the gift of flowers. When a friend or family celebrates the business's grand opening, there is a special Flower Delivery to send through the Florist. Whether you can be there to celebrate with them or you are not around on grand opening day, let your friends know that you celebrate his or her achievement by sending the most beautiful flower arrangement of business grand opening flower. Here are some options to choose from at the flower shop in Singapore.

Flower Baskets

The florist in Singapore creates different designs for flower baskets suitable for the grand opening of businesses and shops. The flowers are mostly of vibrant colors and cheerful arrangement to express your congratulatory messages in a majestic way. The flower arrangements in baskets are handmade and hand-delivered on grand opening day. 

Flower Stands

Florist delivery of a congratulatory flower stand for the grand opening of a business is a timely present to a loved one, family, or close friend. The extravagant design of the flower stand will surely express your messages of congratulations and your special greetings to someone for the achievement. Flower stands can be ordered and delivered within the same day free of the delivery charge when you opt for same-day flower delivery within Singapore.  

Flower and Balloons

There are so many items and gifts to add to accessorize the flower stand for grand opening day. The flowers can have beautiful and colorful balloons and you can choose from the wide varieties of designs for your special gift on the grand opening of a shop or business. Choosing a flower stand with balloons creates a stunning display and a cheerful environment for any shop or business space. Everyone will surely feel the festive occasion when a flower stand with balloons is around. 

Flowers in Large Container or Vase 

For a unique flower stand, you can choose the flower arrangement handcrafted on a large flower vase or container. Whether you choose fresh flowers or silk flowers, the large container will serve as an additional display to the shop. 

Let the florist in Singapore help you choose the most attractive and elegant flower vase or container or unique design of flower stand or basket for your Flower Delivery on the grand opening of your friend's business. With your gift of flowers, you will be able to express your congratulations and show your support to a friend or family. 


  1. Wonderful! But can it be delivered to Malaysia?

  2. nice kan kalau ada orang kasi kita bunga surprise. hhahaha
    tapi lagi nice kalau dpt kek!

    1. I'd love it if it is a chocolate. hehe

  3. Lets our friend happy and always trying to succeed...

  4. kenapa kt singapore? bkn kt malaysia? ;-)

  5. Waalaikumussalam..nak bunga sekuntum.Nak red rose flowers

  6. Aihhh kalau dapat ni berbunga bunga la koi seminggu haha

  7. Wahhh seronoknya kalau dapat tu. Nak boleh hehe

    1. anyone yg suke bunga mesti bahagia bila dpt bunga.


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