The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Pahang gets Honorary Visit from the Vice Chancellor of Universiti Malaysia Pahang

 The Vice Chancellor of Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) made a surprise visit to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Pahang last weekend, bringing his family along to seek out books at the Sale.
Professor Dato'  Sri Ts. Dr. Daing Nasir Ibrahim who arrived at the sale late Sunday, was pleased to find many Pahang folks still shopping for books at the hall. “It's a really great offer to the community in Pahang to be able to access affordable books that allows them to read more. It is also in line with our Minister of Education’s direction who has announced that the nation is observing the National Reading Decade Campaign this year,” said the professor.
Before leaving, he also urged the people to not overlook the importance of reading as it opens up one’s mind, knowledge and understanding about the world. He also reiterates that reading should start from young in an ecosystem that provides an ideal environment to encourage reading. “Reading is basically food for the thought,” added the professor.
Open from 10.00AM to midnight until 10 March 2019, Pahang folks and book lovers can still visit the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale at UMP, Gambang to pick up their favourite books and enjoy discounts from 75% to 95%.
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(From left to right)
Muhammad Azli Shukri, Senior Publishing Officer of Universiti Malaysia Pahang; Prisly Yap, Senior Brand Executive of Big Bad Wolf Books; Raymond Yeo, Managing Executive of Kualiti Books Sdn Bhd; Datin Sri Fazia Ali,  General Manager of the Research and Innovation Department of Universiti Malaysia Pahang; Professor Dato’ Sri Ts. Dr. Daing Nasir Ibrahim, Vice Chancellor of Universiti Malaysia Pahang; Timothy Teh, Brand Manager of Big Bad Wolf Books; Dr. Muhamad Noor, Publishing Director of Universiti Malaysia Pahang and Sharol Azmi, Senior Operation Executive of Kualiti Books Sdn Bhd.

About Big Bad Wolf

Known as the world’s biggest book sale, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale specializes in providing the widest selection of books possible at the lowest possible prices. It offers brand new books at discounts as high as 75% to 95%, with the primary aim of encourage people of all ages to discover the joys of affordable, accessible reading.

The book sale features a wide range of books across all genres, including fiction and nonfiction bestsellers, young adult fiction, as well as an extensive collection of children’s books.

The Sale, the brainchild of BookXcess founders Andrew Yap and Jacqueline Ng, has been a landmark event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since 2009. The Sale has toured across cities in Malaysia and abroad to Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Taiwan and United Arab Emirates, with no plans to stop in making reading affordable for readers around the world.


  1. Replies
    1. best best. I love it since there's a lot of books and it's way cheaper

  2. duduk dalam kampus tapi singgah dua kali aje lol. semalam last. sakit tengkuk tunduk saje rambang mata tengok buku hahahaha.

    1. hahahha awww. i dunno if i were you. x duduk bilik dah tu rasanya XD

  3. my NC during study before this. hehe tapi tak sempat la nak bbw ni.

    1. there'll be more at other places so you can go there too ^^

  4. suka la event book fest ni...boleh jadi gila..coz price 1 novel pun dlm 5ringgit jer..

    1. oh yes definitely. mana tak gila semua org nak serbu sini XD


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