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As a college students especially those who are in postgraduate courses, reading journals are a routine. So, in order to do that one have to find a good journal that can be used in their study. Not all journals are applicable to be use as there are those journals that have been published years and years ago. The most appropriate and recommended would be 5 years prior. But putting that aside many doesn't know how or where to check the ranking of the journals they're using.

Why do we have to check the ranking?

Journal ranking is widely used in academic. It is used in the evaluation of an academic journals impact and quality. The rankings are intended to reflect the place of a journal within it's field that is the relative difficulty of being published in that journal and also the prestige associated with it. In some other countries, they have been introduce as official research evaluation tools. 

It is utmost important to know the sources of the journals that we're using for the study. Not everything is applicable to be used on certain topics. I am not gonna say much on this but here's how you can check the ranking of the journals

This is the website that I usually usually use to to check on the journal rankings. You can either click the link or click the picture to be directed to the website. 

Write on the title of the journal in the search box as the arrows point to. As for me I'll search on the sports biomechanics journal. Please don't put the title of the article on the search box. You'll never get the results out Since the title of the article and the title of the journal is different. 

Should I make another post about the journals? 

Click on the options given. As this was very straight forward so it's easy to find the journal. Sometimes, based on the title the journal they'll be a few options given and you can find the most accurate one according to the articles you're using. 

You can see that Q2. The description mentions on "best quartile" so what else do you need now. That is the quartile of the sports biomechanics journal that I'm using. So, it's a good journal and I'll have no trouble reviewing and presenting it to my class based on my lectures preferences. We were often reminded to find a journal that is based on pars. It needs to be prior to 5 years back and also to use a good ranking journal. 

I'll keep on updating this post from time to time as there's more to be covered for this topic. Any more suggestion on what to add here?

I hope this would actually help. 

What else do you want to know?


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