Capsule Container Hotel, KLIA2

Thursday, 27 June 2019
Okay I know the photo has no connections to the post that I'm about to write but I kinda like it. This should be posted a few months ago but I am to lazy and haven't had much time to do so. I've always been curious about how it's like to stay in a capsule by container hotel. So the closest chance I had was during my trip to Japan. To be exact, it was before my flight to Japan. I stayed for one night and experience how it was like to sleep in a container. I'll update this post later but for now I hope you'll enjoy this video. 

The videos is best viewed here

One reason I made this video because I was bored and stress. Instead of stressing out, I tried and reminiscing all the happy times I had before during my travels.  


  1. Alahhh xboleh nak tengok la ray

  2. Why the video is unavailable Ray?

  3. Bila tengok video Ray ni, teringat dekat my experience staying in capsule. My capsule was not as fancy as yours.

  4. P/s

    Maaf, saya baru berkesempatan singgah di blog ni. Terima kasih kerana sudi comment di blog sy. I'll back soon utk baca dan comment lagi...see ya!

  5. Baru tahu ada tempat macam tu aaa hshshs

  6. Alaa tak boleh tengok video tu.


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