Creative ways to earn as an influencer

Creative ways to earn as an influencer | Hi again everyone, I am back again with another post. This time I'll be sharing creative ways to earn as an influencer. Honestly, I've never regarded myself as an influencer and that whatever I posted may not be ht best option to choose from but at least you'll get the idea for it. 

Creative ways to earn as an influencer

1. Affiliate Marketing

One of the simplest paths to start on, but a tricky one to master, is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people's (or company's) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. So, basically how much the influencer earns depends on how much the customer spends. 

2. Sponsored post or brand 

You might have seen those everywhere. Beyond the display ads are actually sponsored posts and brand campaigns. Usually, the brands would ask the influencer to promote their products directly and in exchange for compensation. Or, specifically as an example, in the travel industry, destinations bring in influencers to promote their location and will cover the cost of the trip plus pay an additional fee to set the amount of promotion and deliverables. In both cases. deliverables could include a blog post, videos and social media posts that showcase the product or destination. 

3. ConfirmPlusChop (CPC)

For those who are already aware of it, you should know that ConfirmPlusChop works differently than SushiVid. There is no payment for the posting itself. It is more of trying to sell the products on your e-com page. Meaning that influencers just have to build their audience's trust for this product, by mentioning it in stories, maybe a few postings, etc.

After the audience gets interested - users can send the audience directly to their own e-com page and let them know if they want the same product. This product as was mentioned can get it from the influencers' e-com page. It will also cost them cheaper since at ConfirmPlusChop the prices are cheaper than the normal market price. That's what I like about it. You can get the products displayed at a more affordable price.

So how does it work?

Basically, when someone purchases the product, the influencers will receive a margin from the sale.

Why should Influencers try this model out, how is it useful to them?

Looking at the view and perspective of on influencer, it helps them to try new interesting products, plus they can earn by selling them to their friends, family, audience. At the same time, they'll get to improve their soft and hard skills in marketing these products. 

Why brands like this type of marketing and how they benefit from it?

As for the brands, it will surely benefit them cause this type of marketing helps to spread the word about their product through influencers and they get influencers-agents who help them to sell products. In other words, both the influencers and brand gets their respective benefits from the program. 

To be honest I've tried all these and am happy to share it with you guys. Since I love to work on my own and prefer to do something that is flexible in time and places, this is the most suitable thing for me at the moment. The only downside for me is that I rarely online have less and less time to update and share on all my platforms. I guess a new start would be a good one for me. What say you? 

I hope this post can help to whoever needs it. I have a lot more to share but very little time to do so but I'll try my best to share more in the future. If you have any more suggestions or questions, feel free to drop a comment and contact me directly through my email. 


  1. this is a good article.. i really want to make my blog as part time income but i cant even applied the google adsense lol haahaha

    1. I have already given up on adsense so I try t find another alternative instead. Still, I hope you'll succeed on applying for adsense.

  2. Dah pernah buat ketiga-tiganya. Cumanya kena rajin je. Kalau malas, nak main game je memang tak dapat apa.hahahah

  3. sekarang macam-macam boleh buat nak jadi influencer. Heee

  4. Never thought about all of these, thank you for sharing!

  5. this is a good sharing ! gonna check out the web later, though i am not much of an influencer

  6. I am still in learning process regarding affiliate marketing. Might try the cpc next time

  7. okay jugalah ada affiliate program. Tapi kena extra rajin lah promote kan camtu. Tq share Ray! Fiza belum tahap influencer lagi. Hanya sekadar blogger :)

  8. I would like to try this cpc after this. Thanks for sharing

  9. interesting.....just got to know about this.....

    PS: gud luck for ur final sem.....

  10. keep it up.. blogging while earn some money. hehe

  11. Maybe I should try this later. Right now im using adsense. :D

  12. good tips.. menarik untuk dicuba.
    and we have to be good and genuine too i guess right ?

  13. this is some good information. thanks!

  14. Super helpful info! Also, (another product by SushiVid) now has new themes, they are so prettyyyy!! Whoever is interested to place multiple links in one place should check it out! =)


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