Love Pizza? Get To Know The Different Crust Styles Of Pizza

Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Different Crust Styles Of Pizza | Hi guys, it's Ray here and I'm back. This blog has been a bit quiet since I am super busy at the moment. You guys know how I love taking a break once in a while from writing and decided to just enjoy life. Thank you for being patient and never stops visiting my blog. 


So, recently I've been trying a lot of pizza and just realized that there are many types of crust other than the original and thin-crust pizza. Yes, you're not reading it wrong and I really don't know about these crust things. Little did I know, there are so many types of crust available for pizza. As for this lady here, I only know two, that is the original crust and thin-crust pizza. I don't know if I'm saying it right. 

Due to that, I did some readings and learned a bit about the types of pizza crust. So, whoever that's in the same boat with me *high-five. Let's take a quick look and study here. 

Different Types of Pizza Crusts

So these are a few types of pizza crust that I have tried but actually don't know the names of it until recently. I would usually go to the counter and pointing out whichever pizza that I want plus adding mushroom soups and garlic bread. That's all I know. I've never really cared about the crust or anything. XD

Original Pan Crust

Original pan crust is the usual that I would order. In another word, it's a buttery golden-brown color, with a crispy, crunchy outer crust and a soft and fluffy inside, topped with a blend of sauce and perfectly melted cheese designed to complement the crust's legendary soft center. It has a thicker and fluffier crust. Can you imagine that? If not, you might wanna order one and see it for yourself hehe. 

Classic Hand Tossed Crust

Classic hand-tossed crusts are found in common pizzas, the New York Crust which is a lighter hand-stretched crust, and the Crunchy Thin Crust which is light and crispy allowing you to enjoy your favorite toppings. The hand-tossed pizza crust is thinner than the handmade pan but thicker than the crunchy thin. So basically, it's thinner than the original pan crust that we usually had. 

Thin and Crispy Crust


The thin and crispy crust is usually made using the same dough that is the hand-tossed dough that you know and love, but simply use a smaller portion and stretch it out. I would personally prefer a thin and crispy crust pizza since it's the smallest crust out of all making it easier for me to eat. 

Stuffed Crust


I'm sure you guys are familiar with stuffed crust pizza as it was popularized by Pizza Hut long ago. Originally, stuffed crust pizza is pizza with cheese and possibly other toppings are being added to the crust. I got so excited trying this one as it's very unique to me. You don't only get the crust but you'll get the cheese too. Can you guess? 

I love cheese. XD

Pizza Delivery

There's a lot more out there but here's just the basic that I wish I knew earlier. Putting that aside, sometimes I am too tired to go out and buy pizza that I decided to use foodpanda for pizza delivery and get it delivered in front of my doorstep. You know it's not easy to go out these days. Moreover, living in the middle of the city could be very tiring that you're too exhausted to go out with all the traffics and sometimes you're just too occupied with work that you got no time to go out. 

Which types of crust are your favorites? If it's not mentioned here, mind sharing in the comment *wink


  1. u make me craving for pizza now .. huhuhu

    1. hahaha I've been eating pizza a lot of pizzas these few weeks. Now I gotta control my calorie intake XD.

  2. i want pizza right now T^T
    hmm BV sejenis yang taksuka crust yang biasa2 tu, usually BV buang je crust kat pizza HHAHHHAA kalau stuffed crust baru BV makan especially yang ada cheese XD

    selalu order kat foodpanda ni, memudahkan urusan kalau malas nak keluar lunch :D

  3. I LOVE NEW YORK CRUST. Also thin crust. Sometimes it depends on the toppings too for me hahahahah

  4. You had me at pizza. Happy New Year!

  5. Banyak kan jenis crust? Tapi akak prefer yang sedang-sedang je. Tak nipis dan tak tebal. Terangkat!

  6. hi, jemput singgah blog, especially kalau berminat nak tambah pendapatan dengan Jamu Tun Teja. Terima kasih =)

  7. Oh so nice post darling
    I am a huge pizza lover

  8. wahhhhh.. sedap :)

    Jom join GA sahabat kita ni :)

  9. hye ray..lama tak singgah sini..wah pizza..loved itt


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