My favourite dates | Benefits of Rihura Ajwa Dates

My favourite dates | Not dating but dates. Don't be mistaken. Okay first let me share a story. I've never really like dates until I started attending boarding school. You know, we're away from home and family thus I learned a lot of things back then. Reminiscing it back, now I'm glad I attended my old school even though I wanted to transfer so bad. But I survived anyway. Alhamdulillah. 

Okay back to my story. There's a moment that will always come back to me every time I eat dates and it took me back down memory lane from the days I was in secondary school. There's nothing special to it but for me, it's one of the most beautiful moments I carved deep inside my heart. It was from that time, the fasting month where we got to eat together in the dining hall. 

The first thing we did after the prayers will always be the dates (we eat, yes). Righ after that you'll hear the sound of the seeds thrown on the plate. I'm sure some of you guys had that memory too. Now that school is over (long ago of course), I started missing each and every moment that I had back in the days. 

Oh, I just wanted to let you know that I am in love with Rihura Ajwa Dates. I am serious!

Craving for dates

Yes, out of all things I am craving for dates. I crave for dates from time to time.


I always crave something sweet but have cut down on chocolates and other sweet things due to some reason. Living away from my family, I didn't really supply myself with various food and eat only what I could grab. Adding more to the level of craving I have for dates. Sometimes you just know that you want it and I know that I need dates.  

Why I love them

It's sweet but not too sweet. The sweetness doesn't make you feel guilty like whenever you eat chocolates or other sweets. If you know what I mean. I'm in love with it. Well, different people may describe it differently but mine is like this. It's unique. 


Yep, I add dates as a snack. Don't get me wrong, it's just for whenever necessary. Eating dates actually helps me with my other food craving. It gives you this satisfaction with every bite. Whenever my cravings come or you know, you just suddenly wanted to eat something you rarely eat, and not having it might make you sad, dates help me solve the problem. 

Benefits of Rihura Ajwa Dates

1. It is good for your heart

Heart attacks are becoming more and more frequent these days. Regular intake of Ajwa dates stops blood vessels from constricting, strengthens the heart and improves the functioning of the heart. Ajwa dates benefits for heart can be confirmed by the mere fact that it contains Vitamin B which assumes an imperative role in the removal of harmful levels of homocysteine in blood. Magnesium found in these dates helps in maintaining heart’s rhythm.

2. bones & teeth

This variety of dates is rich in calcium and phosphorus which in turn help in keeping the bones and teeth in sound health. Ajwa dates health benefits includes overcoming calcium deficiency. The significant amounts of minerals present in these dates make it a superfood for strengthening bones and fighting off painful ailments.

3. Diabetes

Dates contain large amounts of natural sugars, such as glucose, fructose, and sucrose, which immediately boost energy levels. Ajwa dates benefit for people suffering from diabetes is that it has a low Glycemic Index, which means eating Ajwa dates does not result in a significant increase in blood sugar.

4. Boost the immune system

Ajwa dates serve as an excellent antioxidant source. Selenium and other essential nutrients present in it may also be able to prevent cancer from occurring. Including Ajwa dates in your daily diet aids the body to correct the functioning of the immune system. It also helps fight off various infections and strengthens the body’s immunity.

5. Pregnancy 

It is perceived that Ajwa dates health benefits also extend to pregnant women. Eating Ajwa dates on a regular basis during pregnancy activates the womb muscles and helps in the womb movement at the time of delivery. These dates also minimize post-natal bleeding.


  1. i do like dates only in ramadhan haha..

  2. kurma sedap! i can finished it in one go

  3. I love dates as well but have yet to try these. My favorites are Majhoul.

  4. i like black kurma. very tasty and sweet. Hehehe..jom sis join giveaway saya

  5. hai,jemput join GA saya..

  6. Oh so nice to see that dates are so special to you

  7. this is bad. very bad. i'm hungry!! your fault jk. just checking out your recent post hehe. =)

  8. i dont eat dates and even during ramadhan and my brother just called me demon bcs of that hahaha

  9. Suka makan kurma ajwa rihura ni. sedap dah pernah cuba :)


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