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Types of Chefs in Culinary Careers |  My interest in things can suddenly spark without notice and suddenly I am interested in learning all about culinary. The word culinary is not something I am familiar with but am always curious to know about. All I know is the word chef and that would mean they're a good cook. What I didn't know is there's more than that. I've never encountered any friends who studied culinary. If not I would've been able to figure out more from them.

This is what I always imagine the chef would do in the kitchen. They do all sorts of work like any other ordinary people who cook. Well, unlike us who did everything from A-Z in preparing one dish, they work to prepare a generous amount of dishes. XD

So, I did my own research, and here's what I found. 

What are the types of Chefs? 

These are the types of chefs in culinary careers that I found.

  • The Saucier (sauce chef) - The saucier is responsible for a variety of tasks, such as sautéing foods and preparing soups and stews, however, their essential role lies within the creation of all sauces and gravies that are meant to accompany other dishes.

  • The Poissonnier (fish chef) - They are responsible for the preparation of all fish dishes in the kitchen. This can include acquiring fresh fish on a daily basis, in charge of preparing all of the fish dishes on the menu, whether they are entrees or appetizers. Their task also includes in preparing any sauces that need to accompany the fish, in the absence of a saucier.

  • The Rotisseur (roast chef) - The Rotisseur is in charge of preparing any roasted or braised meats on the menu. This includes anything from steaks to veal to lamb or any other similar items. The rotisseur may also be in charge of obtaining meats from local suppliers or arranging deliveries from other retailers. 

  • The Grillardin (grill chef) - The word grill must've given you an idea of what they do. Exactly, they are responsible for any foods that must be grilled. This can include meats, poultry, or even vegetables.

  • The Friturier (fry cook) - The Friturier of course will handle any foods that must be cooked in oils or other animal fats. Similar to grillardin, the friturier can handle anything from meats to potatoes to vegetables.

  • The Entremetier (vegetable chef) - They are responsible for the preparations of dishes that do not involve meat, fish, or seafood but only vegetables. While other stations are managed by a single chef, the larger foundation may usually choose to employ two different chefs to work the entremetier station. This shows. how much work it is when it comes to handling vegetables. 
    •  A potager chef would be in charge of making any soups that are on the menu and,
    •  A legumier chef would be in charge of preparing any vegetable dishes. 
  • The tournant (all-purpose chef) - The role is designed to move from station to station, assisting with any tasks, as needed. As simple as it may seem, they must have a broad knowledge of the basic operations of each station. This will allow him to step in when another station member is absent or the workload approaches a more hectic pace. 
    • The tournant does not work alone as he works along with his commis. 
  • The Garde Manger (pantry chef) - The pantry chef is in charge of most cold dishes on the menu. This includes various salads and cold appetizers, such as pate, cheese spreads, or even tartars. Definitely is my favorite part. Not only that, but they are also the ones responsible for making any buffet services look presentable. If you see a variety of decorative vegetables and other food items on the table, take note that it's their job. 

  • The boucher or some may know as the butcher, is in charge of preparing all meats and poultry before they are delivered to their respective stations for preparation in menu dishes. If needed they may also have to handle fish and seafood. Well, what do you expect, you can't just excel in one task. Work may need you to do more than what you're meant to do.

  • The patissier (pastry chef) - is typically one of the most beloved of all the station chefs, well, maybe me too because I love bread. This station is responsible for creating or preparing baked goods, such as bread and pastries. I take it back, I may know one type of chef all this while, in particular, the patissier

I've been really into cooking these days that I googled a lot. I googled about everything related to culinary and cooking that I stumbled upon this one site called Culinary Art School Online. Everything is online these days and I think it's kinda amazing that they can come up with this alternative for everyone.

I was attracted to the articles provided on the website and did learn quite a lot about culinary which I knew so little about before this. I honestly don't understand a single about culinary and all I know is that a chef is supposed to cook delicious and pretty meals. Little did I know about all the journey acquainted with culinary. 


There is more to this website. Other than this useful information I share there are also games that got me hooked up every night. It's just a simple game but they're fun to play. I tried so many games but These two were my favorite.

Coffee Shop Game Free Online

I'm not sure why but I've been addicted to this one game since the very first time I saw it. Easy might not be the word for it but it's intriguing. I just had to get a better score the more I played it. Coffee Shope is a type of simulation game where you can see how much money you can help Cafe Calypso earn in a month. It includes factors like stocking ingredients, spoilage, changing drink formulas, managing the prices, and also changing consumer demand based on changes in the weather. 

It was confusing at first as I had no clue about which ingredients should I put more, how much stock should I buy, to adjust the prices, and also to follow the consumer's demand whenever the weather changes. It's a good wake-up game whenever I needed a boost to start actually start doing my work. 

Fitness Food Run

I found this one rather funny and entertaining. Fitness Food Run is a game that encourages players to eat healthy food like apples and cucumbers while avoiding unhealthy food like french fries. I found it rather funny when the character gets fat when he eats fries and gets back in shape when he eats an apple so that he can jump over the obstacles easily. 

I have to admit, this one is not easy to play as you need to be quick with your hands. The movement was quite fast that I lost count of how many "game over" I get. Still, it's a fun one to try. But there's an important note you'll always remember that eating junk or unhealthy food is not good while eating healthy food will nurse you back to good health. 

As someone who is really particular about food and prioritizes good health, nutrition is something I look forward to improving in life. So, I know these games are not just games, it's a big matter in the education world. 

For that purpose as well, I keep coming back to the website to use their Health Calculator. Weight loss calculator, body fat calculator, workout calculator. As someone who enjoys working out, I like their workout calculator where I can estimate my total caloric burn rate for different exercises. If you don't know what I'm talking about, head to their website now and check it out for yourself. It might be useful someday. 

I have gotta say, there are so many familiar games but designed to be simpler rather than complicated. For me, it's quite straightforward that everyone can enjoy the game no matter the age. It is suited for kids but hey, I'm an adult and I enjoy these games too. 

The website kinda opens my eyes to all the opportunities related to the culinary department. If you know anyone who is interested and are eager to know more about culinary, this website might be a good start or a good way to get yourself freshen up with all the information's and details. 

I'd love to add more but I don't want this post to be too long. You guys should give this website a look. It was a fun one, reading all the articles from the website. 


  1. anak auntie pernah balajar culinary di Silver Spoon. half way je. sebab nya adalah dia bukan minat sangat2 pun. maybe suka2 ikut kawan. nak jadi chef bukan mudah2 lah kan. kena kuat semangat. all the best to u.

    1. ohh that's a cooking academy kan. betul it's not easy. now i am even more amazed at all the chefs. heee even tho i''m not into cooking but I do love to learn a bit more about culinary. thank you auntie.

  2. Interesting post! I love to cook! Take care, enjoy your day and week ahead.

  3. Sincerely thanks to you I am learning about the different typesof chefs this is a very interesting and informative post

    1. Awww that is so sweet of you. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

  4. hehe... banyaknya jenis chef. I used to watch masterchef from different countries all the time when i was a teen. That's how I gained knowledge on food and cooking, despite not being a good cook lol

    1. I never really get to watch Masterchef so there's a lot that I dunno. Only just recently that I began to be quite interested in it. Watching people cook is fun but learning more about it is another sort of excitement. :D

  5. Seronok tengok chef2 ni masak. Hehe.

  6. Oh? Macam2 jenis chef rupanya?

    Selama ni uncle ingat ada 3 je... Chef restoran / chef tv / chef utube....



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