Are you ready to turn your shapewear into outerwear?

Fashion trends keep changing all year round and the same goes for shapewear too. Of late, there is a new trend that is emerging and it is wearing shapewear as outerwear. Whenever anyone hear of undergarment being worn as outerwear, usually lace trimmed camisoles come to mind and shapewear has often been invisible and carefully hidden. No one really imagine that shapewear such as bodysuits or mid-thigh shaping shorts are now being worn just on their own.

Thanks to new technology and designs, shapewear today does not only offer sculpting and support, it can be also be included as part of your everyday outfit. For example, shapewear like bodysuit can be worn like a top with high waisted pants or denim. What makes this trend so popular is that it eliminates the need to add layers to your outfit. You can look sleek, stylish and get all the support you need in just one piece.  So where can you find such shapewear? You can get them from none other than Waistdear, one of the best shapewear and waist trainer vendors in the market today. 

Waistdear offers a wide selection of shapewear, waist trainers, activewear and more that are stylish and sustainable. Waistdear's range of shapewear is carefully designed to be most comfortable without compromising functionality.

Ready to check out Waistdear's range of shapewear to wear as outerwear? Scroll ahead for some of the popular pieces now. You can also read up on waistdear reviews to see what their customers are saying about this brand.

Waist Trimming straight-leg Pants with Built-in Shaping Shorts

This pair of straight leg pants is super flattering. Made with fabric that is sturdy, soft and breathable, it features a high waisted style with built-in shaping shorts. This pair of pants will flatten the tummy, slime the waist and give the buttocks a lift. Not only does it look chic, this form fitted pants will also accentuate your curves and is visibly slimming.

Eco-friendly Shaper Large U-back Snatched Seamless Dress

This seamless shaper dress is a fine example of shapewear being worn as outerwear. This dress looks like the regular dresses but it has one secret and that is sculpting effect. It has built-in removable bra and features 360 degree tummy and waist control for better sculpting. This sleek dress combines fashion and convenience. It has a backless design to show off your curves. With this eco-friendly seamless dress, you can take layers off your outfit. Who doesn't love a fuss-free and low-maintenance routine?

Seamless Tummy Control Shaping Cami

This versatile wholesale shapewear outerwear allows you to wear it as a foundation layer or just on its own. Featuring with a 360-degree control panel, this shaping cami slims the figure, smoothes love handles, control muffin tops and also give the boob a lift. It has comfortable wide straps for better fit and a wide loose fit bottom to prevent rolling up.

Wholesale Half Sleeve Tank Top Thong Bodysuit

Here is another one-piece body shaper that offers support, flexibility, and different styling options. Featuring an asymmetrical neckline, it is moisture wicking, breathable and super comfortable. Besides working best as the base layer for any outfit, it can be worn just on its own with shorts, jeans, pants and skirt. You don't have to worry about VSL with its thong design.