Lately, I've been joining so many giveaways from my fellow lovely bloggers and they're joining mine too. There's still time to join my comeback giveaway. Thank you for joining and best of luck to everybody. I wish I would be lucky in one of the giveaways too. Pretty please. I don't really know how to paint this all out here but I am not so good with words especially when reviewing something. Let's just say I don't have that skill yet but I'll try. 

Last few weeks I went to meet my long lost best friend and was lucky enough to meet one of her friends too. I was rather luckier cause they took me to the one places that I've never been and was actually could be my favorite place forever if it was near me. Too bad it was kinda far away from my place but note I'll be back again. 

The place I was so excited about to tell you guys is called Chimi Churri. If it is put together it could be chimichurri and it is some type of an uncooked sauce. But this Chimi Churri I am talking about is actually the name of a restaurant which is located at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya. To be honest it was my very first time going to Jaya One and of course Chimi Churri as well. Had so many first time with my baby girl.

I was in a rush to catch my bus and was only able to snap this. 
The foods were actually so fresh and the price was amazingly affordable with guaranteed mouth-watering taste. What's more to it was their made from scratch sauces plus no chemicals and preservatives ingredients were used. It's hard not to say this but this is so healthy and I loved it so much even if it was my first time. My friends know how I really care about what I eat and this is definitely a yes for me. Even my dear new friend told me she couldn't stop coming here every single week. If only she lived there, she could go there every single day without eating other foods.

Tempting enough?

Can you guess which one was mine?

You can either choose to make sandwiches, a wrap or pick a bowl like us and stuff everything inside according to your choices at the counter. Don't worry you'll know what to choose once you're there. Why did I say it was healthy? You couldn't see what beneath the sauces right but there was actually tonnes of salads and greens underneath. Yes, I choose them myself. I freaking love it. It was worth it. Worth every penny and every moment spent there. I won't be able to stop saying "I love it" because I love salads so much. I would definitely order and picked salad wherever I go. Most of the time. 

What I love most was the environment. Let me tell you. I am the kind who hates crowd and love to be somewhere quiet without so many people around and so on. I can sit there for hours eating and chat with my friends without any problems. But it was unfortunate that I had to leave early that day and wasn't able to spend more time with 'em. Yet, I was grateful and had so much fun back then. I do wish to come back again some other day.

This was mine. Looks great right and so are the taste.
The way to order them was quite similar to Subways if you guys are wondering. I didn't really remember what I've picked that day but one of it was couscous. You can also see there's pasta and also a slice of chicken breast there. It's not oily because it's not fried. Plus there's also brown rice and you know how good brown rice right? I managed to finish all of it. Not all of the bowls but just mine. I think I could finish theirs as well. Kidding. But it was so good. I assure you.

You guys should also try it. Whether you'll like it or not it depends. You'll have to see and taste everything for yourself. If you guys want to see the menu, you guys can check it out here. You can also visit their Instagram here for more photos of the menus. 

I do hope you guys have a good read here. Have a good day.