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Thursday, 14 March 2019

Big Bad Wolf | UMP Gambang 2019

Last few weeks I got an invitation to attend the Big Bad Wolf book sale. No one knows how excited I was back then except for my sister. I've mad a few post regarding the event. So, here I'm just gonna share some of the photos I took and the books that I bought.

Don't worry there isn't much to read but there's a lot more to see.

Right in front of the entrance  

Right after I went into the building, this came to my view 

I was lucky and I'm happy

One of my favourite sections. 

Well I actually am still excited to be at this section hehe

Just a random photo I took. Nothing special.

Okay students, here's your main section

I actually spent more time here. I wonder why. 

I took the longest time here. Can I just stay here?

And read all these books.

Now I feel old

I actually like this sections too

If my mum were here, it's probably hard to get her home. ><

Since I got no time to do colorings, I'll just pass. 

I dunno what this is but it's cute !

I would've bought it but we already had those.

Oh I forgot to mention that they put on a sample for each book. So you can actually have a better look at it before buying.

Look at those books she's holding. 

It's empty. I know. 

Can I just take everythingggg

Ok I'm done. Not that much but I'm satisfied. 

I'm not sure how many counters they have but I think it's almost 20 of them. 

Yep there's an option. Always.

It was super friggin' hot that day. Thank god there's a food truck and a place to rest. 

Ok here's the food trucks.

Nahhh I was just passing buy.

Here I go. Bye bye BBW.

As you can see, it's not as crowded as you imagined. It's actually weekdays and I went there on the second day of the event. Lucky me because I'm kinda bad with crowds. I can't handle it. I'm sure the weekend is different.

p/s: I don't really have much time to update my blog but I did anyway.



  1. banyak dalam trolley tu... mesti la rabun mata ai kalu p rasa semua nak beli la...

    1. ahahahaha tahu takpe. Tak tahu nak mula dr mana dulu. Rasa nak angkut semua

  2. Now that I have seen your picture, baru perasan yang BBW dekat UMP Gambang ni tak besar sangat eh.


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