I need to start reading. Back.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

I love books. I lost track of time and kept on wondering when was the first time I declare my love for books. I read a lot. I thought reading was good and nothing would have gone wrong with reading. Turns out I was wrong. One day I had this kind of weird trauma coming at me in an instant. It was in the past but just the thoughts of it hurt. It was the book I feared off. There was a reason but I'd rather not talk about it. I keep myself away from books for some time but soon slowly recovers. 

Time slowly pass as I overcome my fear. Yes, no one knows. Had my no book time for quite a while except for an educational purpose. Somehow I started to heal back. Call me a liar but reading all those deep terms of science kinda helps me forgets everything and it makes me happy. I crave for more books thus I read another. The fact that people who read silently with their glasses on looks nerd, I don't mind it. Lost into another dimension of unreal reality. That was a bonus.


  1. Entry ini buat sha tertanya-tanya, apakah trauma itu..
    Membaca memang boleh buat kita lupakan perkara lain..

    1. ahahaha itu cerita lama.
      betul. buat kita hilang dalam dunia sendiri

  2. ned bayangkan yang raydah tgh baca buku tetibe selak buku cicak mai terbang kat raydah hahaha..kidding jah


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