Big Bad Wolf | UMP Gambang 2019

Last few weeks I got an invitation to attend the Big Bad Wolf book sale. No one knows how excited I was back then except for my sister. I've mad a few post regarding the event. So, here I'm just gonna share some of the photos I took and the books that I bought.

Don't worry there isn't much to read but there's a lot more to see.

Right in front of the entrance  

Right after I went into the building, this came to my view 

I was lucky and I'm happy

One of my favourite sections. 

Well I actually am still excited to be at this section hehe

Just a random photo I took. Nothing special.

Okay students, here's your main section

I actually spent more time here. I wonder why. 

I took the longest time here. Can I just stay here?

And read all these books.

Now I feel old

I actually like this sections too

If my mum were here, it's probably hard to get her home. ><

Since I got no time to do colorings, I'll just pass. 

I dunno what this is but it's cute !

I would've bought it but we already had those.

Oh I forgot to mention that they put on a sample for each book. So you can actually have a better look at it before buying.

Look at those books she's holding. 

It's empty. I know. 

Can I just take everythingggg

Ok I'm done. Not that much but I'm satisfied. 

I'm not sure how many counters they have but I think it's almost 20 of them. 

Yep there's an option. Always.

It was super friggin' hot that day. Thank god there's a food truck and a place to rest. 

Ok here's the food trucks.

Nahhh I was just passing buy.

Here I go. Bye bye BBW.

As you can see, it's not as crowded as you imagined. It's actually weekdays and I went there on the second day of the event. Lucky me because I'm kinda bad with crowds. I can't handle it. I'm sure the weekend is different.

p/s: I don't really have much time to update my blog but I did anyway.



  1. banyak dalam trolley tu... mesti la rabun mata ai kalu p rasa semua nak beli la...

    1. ahahahaha tahu takpe. Tak tahu nak mula dr mana dulu. Rasa nak angkut semua

  2. Now that I have seen your picture, baru perasan yang BBW dekat UMP Gambang ni tak besar sangat eh.

    1. yup it's not. but still so spacious for me and a lot too. since they're using the uni's hall. you can imagine that right.

  3. Sempat jugak pegi jengok haritu.. dan sempat jugak borang beberapa buku.. hehe

    1. beberapa buku eh kak lea hahahahaha

  4. wahhhh.. best.. banyak pilihan :)

  5. dah lama x pegi BBW ni... takut meroyan tgk buku murah2 haha

    1. hahaha i feel you. geram je tgk semua buku yg ada

  6. lama x pi event2 cemni. suka p melepak tapi x beli.
    malas baca buku =P

    1. ray pulak suke beli n baca tp x sempttttt


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