Created a new chat box

Friday, 7 June 2019
So hi everyone. Many have been asking me where did my chat box gone to? I've actually deleted it due to some reason. And that was for the best. But I've made a new one for the sake of everybody. So please be kind and use beautiful words alright. I'll take my time to read, reply and visit you guys back whenever I can. Thank you for dropping by.


  1. I can't keep track with chat box lol

  2. It is a good way to get feedback from our readers..

  3. I don't think my blog could live without chatbox because it's one of the medium where I could do blogwalking to bloggers who drop by mine.

  4. Chatbox ni bagus untuk komunikasi selain komen-komen tu.


Be nice. Leave a comment and I'll be sure to visit you guys back.

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