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Monday, 10 June 2019

I should be doing my writing now and finish all my assignments that has to be submitted tomorrow but since I miss blogging, I'll try to update a lil bit more about things here. I miss visiting everyone back. But there'll always be a time when I need to take a break from blogging. 

Blogging Slump?

Nope I am currently not in that state but the usual time restraint are keeping me off from my schedule. Since I am a student, it gets busier when week 14 is reaching as the workload are super duper pack. I barely had any time to stay calm knowing that I have so many things to do. Luckily, I took my time before hari raya to at least finish some of the works off so I was able to celebrate hari raya happily with my family. 

Final Exam

It's coming up in about a week time. I'll have to get ready for that as well other than working my ass off to fulfil all the credit hours requirement, going to class as well as doing all the assessment. It's quite a hassle trying to live your life your way while trying to follow all your lecturers demand for the classes. 

Extra Classes

Yes. There's still extra classes for us. Some of them would try to cramp and pack all the classes within a day or week so that we all can get extra and at least better picture while we're studying for the finals. I'd say that it's a lot harder and tiring but am sure that it's all for the better. We'll just silently do it hoping that this torture will end real soon. With good grades of course. 

I'll be back

While I am working hard preparing myself for the finals, I'll take my time and visit all of you back. Read all the comments before with teary eyes because everyone is so sweet and kind. May God bless all of you beautiful beings. I am still healing hoping that I'll be back to how I was before. I won't be gone for long and I'll try to hit you guys back. It'll be a bit late but let's hope I'll be able to do it since blogging is one of the ways I release my stress. 

If you're wondering which post it was. I'll put the link below.

For those who are in the same situation as me. I wish all of you the best of luck. We can do this. If you ever feel like giving up, think back about why you start. Remember those who have long stayed and help you along the way. They'd want the best for you. If you're ever feeling tired, take a break break you deserve it. But be sure to come back stronger. Prove them you're strong enough to go through this. Fighting !

Be safe and take care everyone. 


  1. May your roads be smooth and your burdens be light. All the best.

  2. Focus on your exam ok. All the best ray

  3. good luck, ray.
    wish me luck. working on another assignment. hu hu hu hu it is very difficult to put a fullstop!!!
    o.m.g! lecturer plak letak limit hanya 20 pages. hu hu hu hu hu :(
    exam on 24june kuang kuang kuang :) tak sabar nak abiskan this final semester.
    in shaa Allah :)

  4. May Allah ease your journey sis!

  5. suka tgk gambar ray semua cantik2

  6. Gud luck Ray.... moga berjaya dengan cemerlang

  7. take careee. jgn stress2. inshaallah everything will be fine. stay strong & good luck for your finals!

  8. Pergh!! Hectic tu..

    Good luck dear and be happy...


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